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The 80 Series Land Cruiser was first introduced in 1990 as an SUV with legitimate capability and reliability. In comparison to Land Cruisers of the past, it also came with some more comfort features. At the same time, this off-road SUV still boasted an in-line six engine that is known for being able to pack on the miles. So, why is the Land Cruiser 80 Series one of the best?

The 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser has full-time four-wheel drive

At least in North America, for 1990, each Toyota Land Cruiser can standard with full-time 4WD. With this permanent system, there is constant power going to all four wheels. Allowing drivers to handle the road less traveled. In other markets, a part-time 4WD system was used, which comes with unique benefits of its own. 

Another perk of this SUV was the optional locking differentials. Depending on the model year, the 80 Series Land Cruiser did offer locking differentials. And those are true markers of an off-road vehicle. The differential is lockable in 4HI and automatically locked in 4LO. 

This Toyota Land Cruiser was the start of something new

When the Toyota Land Cruiser was first introduced, it was just a work truck. A far cry from the luxury SUV that we know today. But the 80 Series really started to initiate that change. Features like air conditioning could be had, and overall the ride of an 80 Series is more comfortable than Toyota SUVs of the past. 

An 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser fords a small body of water.
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series | Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Leather trim could be featured in the Land Cruiser, although not every model got that feature. And Toyota released a variety of limited edition models during the lifecycle of the 80 Series. Overall, this might be an old-school SUV, but you could certainly daily one if you really wanted to. 

The 80 Series Land Cruiser could be a good investment

While cars are not likely the safest investment to make, the 80 Series Land Cruiser has been growing in terms of price. According to Motor1, an FJ80 sold for over $120,000. And that is a pretty serious price for an SUV that is this old. So, if you can find a good deal, you might be able to make some money flipping a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser. 

At the end of the day, though, the best thing to do with a car is to drive it. These old Toyotas love to be used, and you can certainly make some great memories with an 80 Series Land Cruiser. So, if you do decide to buy an old Land Cruiser, maybe take it out of the garage every once in a while. 

Should you buy an old Toyota SUV?

Generally speaking, Toyota SUVs have a reputation for reliability. Because of this, it makes sense why auto enthusiasts flock to these vehicles. The Land Cruiser 80 Series brings quite a bit to the table. Including off-road SUV capability and some modern comforts. 

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 production delays
Toyota Land Cruiser 70 | Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP via Getty Images

You might have to deal with the Toyota tax, but there are reasons the Land Cruiser is so well regarded.


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