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You aren’t alone if you’re interested in the 2023 Honda Odyssey. As one of the most popular minivans available, choosing the right one can be challenging. However, the most popular trim level among buyers is the Odyssey Touring. Is there something better about it that makes customers want it so badly? There are three reasons the 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring is the most popular trim.

Profile of a new Honda odyssey in blue
Honda Odyssey | Honda

According to Edmunds, the most popular 2023 Honda Odyssey trim is the Touring model. Starting at $45,745, it’s only a few thousand dollars more expensive than most of the lower-tier models. As a result, the added features and value are tremendous since the Touring model isn’t too expensive. The highest trim, the Odyssey Elite, is much more costly than the rest. A few essential things make the 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring the perfect mid-tier trim.

1. A rear entertainment system

A rear seat entertainment system is standard inside the 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring trim, which is why it's the most popular choice among buyers.
2023 Honda Odyssey rear entertainment system | Honda

First, minivans are primarily used for hauling families around town or on long road trips. Regardless, the rear seats are usually filled with children. Moreover, having a standard rear entertainment system with every 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring model is excellent. Edmunds says the system comes with a 10.2-inch screen, a Blu-ray player, and wireless headphones. It’s no wonder most buyers choose the Odyssey Touring; how else will they keep kids entertained?

2. Cabin intercom and rear-cabin camera

A gray Honda Odyssey minivan is parked outside.
The Honda Odyssey | Honda

Next, one of the most important things about traveling with many passengers is their safety. As a result, it’s amazing to have the cabin intercom system and a rear-cabin camera included with the Odyssey Touring. First, the intercom works in the wireless headphones so the driver or front passenger can communicate with those watching something on the entertainment system. The camera system, called CabinWatch, allows front passengers to view the rear seating area on the front touchscreen. These features are perfect for a family with a few small children.

3. The 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring is affordable

Although the $45,745 starting price of the Odyssey Touring isn’t particularly cheap, it’s not much more expensive than other trims. For example, the EX base model starts at $38,635 MSRP, followed by the EX-L at $41,705 and the Sport at $42,505. Moreover, there’s roughly $7,000 separating the Touring trim from the base model. The jump from Sport to Touring is even less significant, which is about $3,000. While these trims are all close in price, the Elite leaps another $5,000, exceeding $50,000. That’s why staying with the value-filled, mostly affordable 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring is worth it.

In conclusion, there are many reasons the 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring is the most popular trim. Starting with the rear entertainment system, this option offers a valuable media system for young passengers on long (or short) trips. Next, the rear cabin intercom and camera are perfect for growing families needing a minivan. Finally, the price of the Odyssey Touring is too good to pass up. It isn’t too much more costly than lower models but remains affordable compared to the highest Elite trim. These are all massive factors for why most buyers want the 2023 Honda Odyssey Touring.


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