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Are you shopping for a 2022 Dodge Durango? One of the most important things is finding the trim level that fits your personal needs, which can be challenging. Asking experts often results in different answers, but not for the Durango. There are three significant reasons why the 2022 Dodge Durango R/T is the best trim level to buy.

Experts recommend the Durango R/T

A white 2022 Dodge Durango. The most popular trim does not provide the most value.
2022 Dodge Durango | Dodge

One of the best signs of a superior trim level is when experts recommend buying it over every other model. When researching vehicles online, you’ll often find different opinions. However, Edmunds and MotorTrend both agree the 2022 Dodge Durango R/T is the best trim level. Both publications have their reasoning for recommending the model that’s a few notches higher than the cheapest base model.

For Edmunds, the R/T provides the best version of towing and power capabilities. As the cheapest Durango with the 5.7-liter V8 engine, it takes a big leap forward in this department. Moreover, the reviewer recommends the R/T Plus package to gain more driver assistance, safety, and convenience upgrades.

Next, MotorTrend tells its readers to purchase the same version of the 2022 Dodge Durango. Like Edmunds, it loves the power and capability added by the upgraded V8 engine. Furthermore, the model also gets an upgraded infotainment system, plus a couple of extra convenience upgrades. Any optional packages, like the GT Plus, increase the value more with things like heated seats and more safety features.

The 2022 Dodge Durango R/T is the trim to buy for the V8 engine

A 2022 Dodge Durango interior. The most popular trim isn't the best choice overall.
2022 Dodge Durango interior | Dodge

Buying the Durango R/T trim level is the cheapest way to get the three-row SUV with a V8 engine. Although the lineup has three engines, the other V8 is much more expensive. Moreover, the 5.7-liter V8 produces 360 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. That’s a significant upgrade over the standard 3.6-liter V6 making 295 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the Durango R/T starts at just over $52,000, which is much cheaper than the cheapest trim with the upgraded V8, SRT.

For a much higher price of $70,555, buyers can get the 2022 Dodge Durango SRT 392. As a result, they’ll get the outstanding 6.4-liter V8. It makes a whopping 475 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque, making it one of the fastest and most powerful SUVs. However, that’s likely a lot more power than most three-row SUV owners will ever need or use. As a result, it’s probably best to get the excellent capability and power of the smaller V8 found under the hood of the R/T trim.

Buying a Durango R/T is much cheaper than higher trims


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Unfortunately, going higher in the lineup will cost you a pretty penny. Starting with the base model, a 2022 Dodge Durango costs just below $40,000. From there, it keeps going up until it reaches the previously mentioned SRT model for over $70K. There are three other options between the mid-level R/T and the range-topping SRT. They are Citadel ($53,555), R/T Hemi Orange ($54,150), and R/T Plus ($56,755).

However, none of these models bring enough to the table to make it worth your while. For example, the R/T adds a better engine, and the SRT model upgrades it again. Models between them only add things like second-row captain’s chairs, upgraded leather upholstery, chrome exterior trim, and a few other niceties.

The 2022 Dodge Durango R/T is the best trim to buy

In conclusion, there are three reasons the 2022 Dodge Durango R/T is the best trim level. One reason is that multiple experts recommend buying the R/T model over the others. It’s not often critics agree, but when they do, it usually means they’re onto something. Next, it’s the cheapest Durango SUV with a powerful V8 engine. Finally, the more expensive models are too costly without adding enough value. Staying around $50K with the Durango R/T offers the most bang for your buck.