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Thanks to high interest rates and inflation, 2023 has been a slightly slower year for car sales. Regardless, a few automakers have seen significant sales increases since last year. Here are the most popular Ford models you can buy right now.

The F-Series is still going strong

2021 Ford F-150 Super Duty PowerStroke | Ford

According to GoodCarBadCar, Ford reported that approximately 60,381 F-Series trucks had been sold in March. That’s an increase of nearly 34.5% compared to last year. Over 170,000 of these trucks have been sold so far in 2023.

Currently, the Ford F-Series lineup’s sales showcase an annual growth of over 21%. We can attribute part of the Ford F-150’s continued success to the introduction of the Rattler and Raptor R variants. The Rattler package offers aggressive rattlesnake badging and off-roading features like all-terrain tires and beefier shocks.

The Ford F-150 Raptor R is a souped-up Raptor packing a supercharged 700-hp V8 engine. Along with the addition of upgraded 37-inch tires, it shares the Raptor’s extensive array of rugged features. That includes a full range of selectable terrain modes, a five-link rear suspension, off-road cruise control, and sport-tuned shocks. The Ford Raptor R offers the higher ground clearance between the two trucks, up to 13.1 inches.

If you’re not a dedicated trailblazer, the F-150 still offers a lot of capability in the towing department. With the optional twin-turbo V6 engine and trailering package, this truck can pull up to 14,000 pounds. The F-150 can also be equipped with several smart towing features, including dynamic hitch assistance and onboard scales. 

The Ford F-150 offers three cab sizes and three cargo box lengths, granting up to 3,325 pounds of payload capacity. The Super Cab and SuperCrew models both provide seating for up to six riders. Higher trims boast plenty of useful comfort features for the seats, plus upscale interior touches.

The Ford Explorer enjoys the most success

The Ford Explorer’s March sales were more than 37% higher than last year, and this midsize SUV’s yearly sales growth is close to 36%. The Ford Explorer is a popular choice for families thanks to its ample cargo space, offering nearly 88 cubic feet in total. The Explorer also has seating for up to seven riders, though its second and third rows aren’t the most accommodating for full-sized adults. 

However, drivers also appreciate the Ford Explorer for its car-like handling and peppy engines. The Explorer ST has the same twin-turbo V6 you can get in the Ford F-150. It generates 400 hp and pairs with a 10-speed automatic transmission and sport suspension.

Ford Bronco sales are up slightly

The Ford Bronco’s sales were up only by 4% over March 2022, but its total annual growth is up by 37%, per GoodCarBadCar. Ford has sold only 32,430 units so far, but that’s likely due to this SUV’s seemingly endless high demand. 

As the Jeep Wrangler’s biggest rival, even the Bronco base model has lots of standard off-roading equipment. Every Bronco can be optioned with the Sasquatch package, which is standard on higher trims. This model has an off-road suspension and locking differentials for both ends of the vehicle, plus has access to the seven-speed manual transmission option.

The Bronco typically has a 10-speed automatic transmission paired with a 300-hp turbo-four engine. But it has two optional twin-turbo V6s, with the larger one harnessing 418 hp. Five passengers can fit in its spacious (albeit basic) interior, and the independent front suspension allows for a smooth riding experience. 

Though rivals are more popular, the Explorer and F-150 still outsold certain Honda and Toyota models. Thriving when the competition is so fierce is challenging for any automaker, but Ford proves that’s possible.


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