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Electric trucks are on the rise, as are all electric vehicles. As car manufacturers compete to make the next big thing, the design of some electric trucks are becoming more and more creative. Three of the newest and most otherworldly electric truck designs are the Apple Car, Tesla Cybertruck, and the EdisonFuture EFT-1. All three electric trucks look remarkably similar. At the same time, they’re so unique they may as well have come from another planet. Here’s what we know about the Apple Car, Tesla Cybertruck, and EdisonFuture EFT-1.

A rendering of a white Apple Car against a white background.
Apple Car | Vanarama

Is there really an Apple Car?

The screen inside of an Apple Car.
Apple Car | Vanarama

Yes, there is really going to be an Apple Car. It’s a fair question though, as Apple is known for many things, but not (yet) cars. While Apple hasn’t revealed any images related to their new patent yet, a company called Vanarama has taken to rendering Apple’s new patent into a concept car visual, according to WCCF Tech. It has the same angular structure as the Tesla Cybertruck and an almost Cadillac Escalade-esque grille. It also has a glowing logo just like the mac Book Pro.

Apple’s new patent also shows a screen that will extend along the width of the Apple Car. You should be able to customize the Apple Car’s controls to be wherever you want. This should make it easier (and safer) to drive. Apple’s patent also includes a Siri designed for the Apple Car. This will go over especially well with those who are Siri-dependent.

How much will the Tesla Cybertruck cost?

Tesla Cybertruck on a track
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla Motors

Tesla recent removed pricing of the Tesla Cybertruck from its website, but before that it was expected to be about $39,990. The fact that this information – and other specs – have been taken down from the website indicates that Tesla is at least considering changing the price.

Tesla Cybertruck was previously reported to have a single motor, dual motor, and tri motor option. The single motor Tesla Cybertruck would be capable of 250 miles of range. The dual range motor would be capable of 300 miles, and the tri motor option would be able to get 500 mile of range or more.

A Tesla patent also describes science-fiction technology, like a vehicle operation user interface, which recognizes who is interacting with it and adjust settings. It would also have an air conditioning and heating system that knows where people are sitting, and where to blow hot air, as well as adjust mirrors. The Tesla Cybertruck may also have “laser blade lights” and be able to display terrain below the Cybertruck on a cabin screen.

Right now the EdisonFuture EFT-1 is purely speculative

The rear of the EdisonFuture EFT-1.
EdisonFuture EFT-1 | EdisonFuture

The EdisonFuture EFT-1 Is a Formidable Threat to the Tesla Cybertruck

The EdisonFuture could be the electric truck that poses a serious challenge to both the Apple Car and the Tesla Cyertruck. The EdisonFuture EFT-1 truck would have solar panels on its roof so that it could charge on sunny days, as well as a retractable cover for its bed that would look like an armadillo back. That would also have solar panel chargers for additional range. The single motor EdisonFuture EFT-1 would be able to get 300 miles of range, the dual motor could get 380 miles of range, and the tri-motor EdisonFuture EFT-1 would get up to 450 miles of range on a single charge.

The EdisonFuture EFT-1 would also be fast. The single motor EdisonFuture EFT-1 could go from 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds. The dual motor EdisonFuture EFT-1 could get from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. The EdisonFuture EFT-1 takes 3.9 seconds to get to 60 mph.

Right now none of these electric pickup trucks are on the road, but once they start being produced, it will be interesting to see how car shoppers respond to them. The Apple Car, Tesla Cybertruck, and EdisonFuture EFT-1 each have a spaceship-style design that will either appeal to buyers – or turn them off completely.