3 of the Best Travel Trailers You Can Get for Under $50,000

Looking for a new RV or travel trailer is exciting. But once you start evaluating prices, the fun can quickly sour. While it’s true that RV travel trailers get expensive, there are some bargain buys out there. Here are some of the best travel trailers you can get for under $50K. 

Micro Minnie 

A white fifth wheel RV trailer is set in a snow-capped valley with a lake behind it.
Winnebago Micro Minnie 5th Wheel Trailer | Winnebago

Winnebagos are known for being luxurious and expensive. Even so, you can score a new Winnebago at a more affordable price point. One of Winnebago’s smaller and cheaper options is the Micro Minnie.

As its name suggests, the Micro Minnie is a compact trailer and is seven-feet wide. Still, this Winnebago offers a variety of spacious floor plans and begins at $31,232. The smaller versions can sleep up to three, and the larger options can sleep up to nine. 

The kitchenette area of the Micro Minnie.
Micro Minnie interior | Winnebago

The Micro Minnie comes with an expansive kitchen complete with a sink, refrigerator, cooktop, and convection microwave. You’ll also appreciate this trailer for its storage options and connectivity features. A TV, wifi prep, and wireless cell phone charger come standard too. Plus, there’s an AV system with radio, CD, DVD, and Bluetooth connection. 

Airstream Basecamp

The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is parked by a campfire.
The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer | Airstream

You may be surprised that Airstream also offers affordable options. For a cheaper Airstream, you’ll want to consider the company’s Basecamp lineup. The entry-level Basecamp sleeps two and has a starting price of $38,400. This trailer is ideal for couples who want an adventurous weekend getaway. 

Of course, it’s up to you whether a Basecamp can suit your needs for long-term living off-road. The top-of-the-line Basecamp 20X sleeps four and has a price tag of $48,900. No matter which one you choose, you’ll see that Basecamps offer the right blend of versatility and comfort.

The kitchenette inside off a Basecamp 20X model
Basecamp 20X interior | Airstream

The Basecamp comes with modern essentials such as a kitchenette with a two-burner gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, and a functional storage area. Each Basecamp boasts panoramic views through its front windows. There’s also a modern bathroom with a standard toilet. 

Happier Camper 

The exterior of a green and white HC1 trailer .
HC1 | Happier Camper

Compared to the other options on this list, Happier Camper falls under the radar. This company offers trailers that can be towed by most cars. Happier Camper travel trailers are also known for having a retro-inspired style and flexible interiors. If flexibility is among your top priorities, Happier Camper’s HC1 could be perfect for you. 

An HC1 trailer will set you back $29,950; the premium version begins at $39,950. This model has Happier Camper’s signature Adaptiv floor plan, which allows you to build your interior like you would a Lego set. For instance, there are cubes for your bed, as well as for your storage.

A HCT with wooden trim.
HCT interior | Happier Camper

What Makes an Airstream a Classic?

 A standard HC1 may seem pretty bare-bones, but you have a ton of upgrade options to make it more contemporary. Along with the standard Adaptiv cubes, you can add a dry-flush toilet, an AC unit, and a fan, plus a road shower. You can also upgrade your HC1 with a bamboo interior and with a suspension awning, but keep in mind that these features will hike the prices.