3 Nissan Models Whose Insurance Costs Won’t Kill Your Budget

Every driver needs car insurance, but it can cost a lot of money for some folks. That said, some cars are cheaper to insure than others, and Nissan makes vehicles with some of the lowest insurance costs. Here’s a look at three Nissan models that don’t cost a fortune to insure.

Photo illustration of the Nissan logo displayed on a smartphone screen with U.S. dollar bills in the background
Nissan makes some of the cheapest cars to insure | Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Car insurance is complicated, and insurance companies look at many factors before giving customers a quote. One of the more important factors is the model you drive. There are many reasons for this, and aspects like how safe the car is, how much the car costs, and how much repairs may cost factor into the equation.

However, according to NerdWallet, even safe and cheap cars can cost plenty to insure for other reasons. For example, NerdWallet says the Honda Accord — despite being popular, safe, and affordable — is relatively expensive to insure. The site adds that’s probably because the Accord is one of the most stolen cars in America, so insurance companies may give a higher quote for insuring one.

In any case, on average, three Nissan models made NerdWallet’s list of the 25 popular cars that are cheap to insure. Unfortunately for the automaker, no Nissan made the top 10, but one got close.

The Nissan Rogue, Sentra, and Altima have relatively low insurance costs

The cheapest Nissan model to insure is the Rogue, NerdWallet reports. Premiums cost about $1,585 a year, and that makes this compact SUV the 11th-cheapest car to insure. In fact, the Toyota RAV4, which ranks 10th, costs $1,555 a year to insure. This means the Rogue is about $30 away from cracking the top 10.

The other two Nissan models on the list are both near the bottom of the list. The Sentra comes in 22nd place, costing an average of $1,724 a year to insure. Finally, the Altima came in 24th place, and it costs about $1,781 a year to insure. For comparison’s sake, the cheapest car to insure per NerdWallet is the Subaru Outback. It costs about $1,392 a year.

Hard numbers are one thing, but percentages matter too. After all, some cars cost more to buy than others, and as such, their insurance premiums may equal a small percentage of that cost. This is the case for the Rogue, but not so much for the Sentra and Altima. NerdWallet explains that the Rogue costs only 6.27 percent of its price to insure per year, while the Sentra costs 9.03 percent, and the Altima costs 7.39 percent.

Different cars for different folks


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Although all three Nissan models are relatively cheap to insure, at the end of the day, they’re still different cars. The Sentra and Altima, for example, are compact and midsize sedans, respectively. The Rogue, meanwhile, is a compact SUV. The Rogue is more spacious than the Sentra and Altima, but the Nissan sedans are more powerful than the Rogue.

As such, compared to the Rogue, the Sentra and Altima have lower sticker prices. NerdWallet says the Rogue has a starting price tag of about $25,000, while the Sentra starts at $19,000, and the Altima costs $24,000.