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Not every new car you get behind the wheel of will click with you. The reality of the automotive world is that no matter how good a car seems, it isn’t going to be right for everyone. Just because a car isn’t right for you doesn’t mean it’s bad. That being said, here are a few new models that some have found to be disappointing.

Front angle view of red 2023 Acura Integra luxury car, cheapest new Acura and NACTOY Car of the Year winner
2023 Acura Integra | Acura

What disappointed Consumer Reports about the Acura Integra?

As the hosts of the podcast on Consumer Reports explain the Acura Integra isn’t necessarily a bad car, because it does have some good points. It’s just that a few things made it a disappointment for this model year. The 2023 model, which they tested in 2022, is a resurrection of sorts of the Integra that we’re familiar with from decades ago. 

The host that picked this vehicle as the biggest disappointment last year went into the review with high expectations from the impressive ’90s version with the powerful engine. However, this resurrected version didn’t quite live up to the predecessor Integra model. 

With the price tag of $30,800 for the base version, the engine and the seats for that matter didn’t offer anything more than the Civic SI, which is about $3,000 less than the Integra. There’s nothing to make this vehicle stand out. 

What is disappointing about the Infiniti QX60?

Another perfectly decent car that can be seen as disappointing is the Infiniti QX60. In many ways this SUV is no different than the Nissan Pathfinder, which has a luxurious trim that you could get for a bit less money than the expensive QX60. 

While the two models are the same when it comes to reliability, driving dynamics, comfort, and ride, the Pathfinder is the better deal due to its less expensive price. The Infiniti comes with a price tag of $49,045 for the base model, while the entry-level Pathfinder sells for just under $36,000.

Otherwise, the Infiniti QX60 was a perfectly decent vehicle with its luxurious features, like a panoramic moonroof, a 12.3-inch infotainment display, a heated steering wheel, and a powerful V6 engine. It just comes down to whether or not you want to spend the extra money for the QX60 for essentially very little more than what you get with the Nissan. 

What’s wrong with the Rivian R1T?

Others have been disappointed by the Rivian R1T. All the hype surrounding the electric truck increased the expectations of those evaluating the vehicle. When it dropped into the hands of critics, it did impress, but there were a few things the reviewers didn’t quite care for. 

The truck’s regenerative braking was one. EVs with this technology have the problem of motion while the regen is doing its thing, sending energy to the battery for more range. The movement in the car causes motion sickness in those riding along with you.

However, some of these electric vehicles can either disable the feature or dial it down. The Rivian R1T apparently has no way to stop it when your passengers are uncomfortable during the ride due to the regen. 

It does allow you to dial down the aggressiveness of it, but some passengers still feel the sickness even at the lowest setting. The reviewer felt the truck was undrivable because of the regen issue and the fact that you can’t seem to change it to alleviate what the passengers are feeling. According to users on the Rivian forum, you, as the driver, can learn to use the accelerator pedal differently to minimize the motion. 

The other problem mentioned by the other reviewers dealt with its usefulness. The truck was designed more for luxuriousness and not so much for utility. Since most people buy pickups for utility, it seems odd that the Rivian EV truck wouldn’t put more attention to detail where that was concerned.