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While there are a few automotive brands out there known for being reliable, one of the top companies with several durable models in its lineup is Lexus. Which vehicles are the top three for being reliable rides?

Why does reliability matter?

A Lexus logo, which is the maker of the most reliable Lexus.
Lexus logo | Getty Images

When you get a vehicle, especially a luxury one with a hefty tag, you don’t want to throw more money at the car for repairs down the road. Finding a vehicle that only requires general maintenance fees and very little to no repair issues can be challenging.

According to RepairPal, the Lexus brand has some of the most reliable vehicles on the market. The site came to that conclusion after analyzing databases of automotive repair invoices and other service documents to determine which cars tend to have the more costly repairs and which ones rarely visit the service shop. Here are the top three Lexus brand vehicles the site came up with. 

1. Lexus CT200H

Using RepairPal’s criteria for reliability, the Lexus CT200H model falls within the above-average range. Annually, this luxury compact car has approximately $386 in maintenance and repair fees. The chances of a severe problem popping up are relatively low, which is pretty good since comparable vehicles will require around $801 yearly for service and maintenance. 

Of course, RepairPal isn’t the only site that thinks the CT200H is a pretty reliable vehicle. Consumer Reports also thinks this model is one of the most durable cars of the last decade. The CT200H hasn’t been around since 2017, but when it was produced, it got top reliability ratings yearly. 

2. Lexus ES300H

The Lexus ES300H model is also above-average, with an almost perfect score like the CT200H. This model ranks third in reliability out of 31 other luxury midsize cars. When it comes to annual repair and maintenance, you can expect to pay around $524. Very few of those, if any, will be significant issues in most cases. If you compare that to other vehicles in its class, you’ll find that average repair bills would be almost $200 less with the Lexus model. 

Lexus’ ES300H is comparable to the Toyota Camry Hybrid model, except Lexus offers a more powerful output. With the Toyota, you get a 2.5-liter four-cylinder/electric motor setup, which you find in the ES300H model, but Lexus tweaks it to produce a total of 215 hp vs. the Camry’s 208 hp. 

3. Lexus ES350


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The third most reliable Lexus vehicle is the ES350, which gets an above-average score, falling a little behind the ES300H and the CT200H, putting it in fourth place on the list of 31 luxury midsize cars. Annual maintenance and repair costs fall within the $468 range, mostly your typical oil changes and tire rotation services. Other luxury midsize vehicles have an average of $739 for annual repairs, which is just short of $300 more than the Lexus. 

The ES350 model is expected to go at least 200,000 miles, a tremendous feat nowadays, with many vehicles barely reaching 150,000. That’s especially true with a 2010 to 2013 or a 2018 to 2022 version. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise Lexus is known for its reliability as a subsidiary of Toyota, which is also known for reliable vehicles. The brand offers some of the most durable cars and SUVs in the automotive market, with its top three vehicles being the CT200H, the ES300H, and the ES350.