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When car shopping, you want a model that won’t disappoint you. The ideal vehicle won’t blow your budget, break down unexpectedly, or cost a fortune to maintain and fix. So, let’s look at three of the most reliable Acura models. 

Is Acura a reliable car brand?

RepairPal gives Acura a four-out-of-five rating for reliability and ranks the brand second of 32 car brands based on data collected “across 345 unique models.” On average, an Acura will cost $501 per year for scheduled maintenance and unexpected repairs. Although the average across all models is $652, Acura’s premium price results in an above-average cost of ownership. 

Acura vehicles tend to require unexpected repairs an average of 0.4 times per year, the same as all other models. Although statistics like that are tricky, think of it like four out of 10 Acura models need repairs yearly, or a particular Acura might need fixes four times in 10 years. As good as that news is, the best part is that, on average, when an Acura needs repairs, it’s a “major issue” only 8% of the time, compared to 12% across all models. 

Acura TLX

RepairPal rates Acura’s brand reliability above average but rates the TLX as “Excellent” and ranks it first among 31 midsize luxury cars. The average Acura TLX incurs annual maintenance and repair costs of $440, giving it low ownership costs compared to other midsize luxury cars and all other vehicle models. For example, other midsize luxury cars average $739 per year in repair shop costs. 

The Acura TLX’s low cost stems from its low unscheduled repair frequency and a low tendency for significant repair issues. The average midsize luxury car needs repair 0.6 times per year, compared to the average TLX, at 0.2 times annually. In addition, when the TLX needs a repair, there’s only a 6% probability of it being a significant issue, compared to 12% for its rivals. 

Acura ILX

Also, with an “Excellent” reliability rating from RepairPal, the Acura ILX ranks second among 17 compact luxury cars. The ILX has low ownership costs, with $435 average annual repair and maintenance costs, compared to $801 for others in the segment. The Acura ILX’s unscheduled repair frequency is lower than class rivals, with 0.3 times per year, compared to 0.7 for other compact luxury cars, as is its 6% probability of severe issues, compared to the 11% class average. 

Acura TSX

The Acura TSX ranks just below the TLX for second out of 31 midsize luxury cars, with RepairPal’s “Excellent” reliability rating. In addition, the TSX has an excellent cost of ownership, with a $415 average annual cost for maintenance and unscheduled repairs. However, the TSX requires more frequent repairs than the TLX on average at 0.4 times per year, which is still lower than the average midsize luxury car. Fortunately, as with the other Acura models listed, TSX repairs for significant issues occur only 6% of the time.

Which Acura model is best for 2023?


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The only new Acura model on this list available for 2023 is the TLX. Based on RepairPal ratings, the TLX is the best choice for a midsize luxury car among all brands, not just Acura. If you’d rather have a compact luxury car, the ILX is a decent pick, but you’ll have to look for a leftover 2022 or pre-owned model.