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The GMC Acadia is a well-rounded family SUV with a comfortable cabin and diverse capabilities. But it isn’t perfect. There are three common problems that GMC Acadia drivers could encounter. Let’s take a closer look at those problems and how much it costs to maintain the GMC Acadia

What are the most common problems for the GMC Acadia?

A red GMC Acadia in the rain. The GMC Acadia has three common problems that owners report.
2023 GMC Acadia | GMC

We examined testimony and reports from real owners on RepairPal to collect the three most common GMC Acadia problems. Here’s what owners reported most often: 

  1. Transmission fault code regarding clutch wave plate
  2. Check engine light regarding the powertrain control module 
  3. Check engine light due to loose gas cap 

1. Transmission fault code related to the clutch wave plate 

RepairPal says that a transmission fault or check engine code related to the clutch wave plate inside the transmission is the most common issue for GMC Acadia owners. Nearly 300 owners reported instances of this problem. 

This problem specifically affects Acadia models with the six-speed automatic transmission. RepairPal says side effects could include losing the reverse gear, gear slippage, and harsh shifting with the third or fifth gear. 

This code may indicate that the clutch wave plate is broken. As a result, owners must have their transmissions disassembled and the wave plate replaced.  

2. Check engine light and the powertrain control module 

Check engine lights are common in the GMC Acadia and typically point to a powertrain control module problem. Fortunately, RepairPal says the fix for this problem is as simple as installing a software update. 

The more challenging problem can be when these codes point to a known camshaft problem. In this case, a technician is needed to complete GM’s prescribed fix. 

3. Loose or worn gas cap 

This is a simple but common problem for the GMC Acadia. A worn-out gas cap can trigger a check engine light that requires diagnostics. Fortunately, replacing a gas cap is a relatively simple and affordable procedure.  

Is the GMC Acadia expensive to repair and maintain?

The GMC Acadia is expensive to maintain compared to other SUVs.

RepairPal says that the GMC Acadia has a higher average maintenance cost than the average at about $734 per year. By contrast, the average SUV costs about $573 to maintain and repair annually. 

It’s also more prone to serious issues than the average SUV. RepairPal says the Acadia has a 19 percent probability of problems being severe. That’s significantly higher than the average 13 percent probability for midsize SUVs

If keeping repair and maintenance costs down is a high priority, the GMC Acadia might not be the best option.  


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