3 Most Common Ford Maverick Problems Reported by Real Owners

The new Ford Maverick truck has been everywhere since it hit the market. Compact, reasonably priced, and customizable to suit many lifestyles, it is easy to see why people like it. These are some of the most common Ford Maverick problems reported by owners to be on the lookout for if you are thinking about acquiring one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has more information on those Ford Maverick issues and any current recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration helps review modern vehicles to ensure everyone is safe. It is also a place for drivers to lodge complaints about vehicles to possibly get help if the problem is more widespread. The NHTSA has 144 customer complaints for the 2022 Ford Maverick at the time of publication. Since the Maverick has not been on the market for too long, most criticisms are from the last few months. The complaint lodged by most drivers relates to the brakes.

There are many owner complaints about the brakes either not working well or sticking when using the eco mode. Multiple drivers report problems with the brakes at low speeds. A later review from a driver in Maryland found that the Ford issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB 22-2493) addressing the “grabby brakes.” Once the PCM and SOBDM-C were reprogrammed at the dealership, the brake issue seemed to be resolved. However, many complaints remain about the brakes listed on the NHTSA site.

Is the Ford Maverick reliable?

Even if the Ford Maverick has problems, it is still a reliable new vehicle. For the most part, modern vehicles are more reliable than older ones. Ford has been building cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles for a long time. With that said, some owners have reported a problem with the electrical system resulting in a loss of power.

Another one of the most common Ford Maverick problems is an issue with the airbag with NHTSA campaign number 22V594000. Some drivers went in to fix the airbags after being alerted of the case, but the part was unavailable. Ford instructed owners that the part could take a few months before the problem could be remedied.

There seem to be more issues related to the hybrid engine than the other option. Some owners report shaking, vibrating, or trembling when switching from the gasoline to hybrid powertrain.

The NHTSA has six recalls for the Maverick

The most common Ford Maverick problems like this blue version
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Ford has issued six recalls for the 2022 Maverick pickup so far. The most recent recall relates to an unintended brake light illumination which could confuse drivers. Another recall is for the improper deployment of an airbag, which is the issue addressed in the above paragraph. This impacted 64,974 Maverick trucks.

Impacting another 100,689 units was the risk of an engine compartment fire for Maverick vehicles equipped with the 2.5L HEV or PHEV engines. This recall also affected Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair SUVs. Another recall relates to the trailer brakes and an improperly attached rear seatbelt.

Drivers can use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) lookup tool to ensure no recalls on a particular car, truck, or SUV. If you have an issue, you can also report it to the NHTSA, as these other drivers have done. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration still gave the 2022 Ford Maverick a four-star safety rating and high scores on its crashworthiness tests.