3 Major Complaints About the 2019 Toyota Prius

Since it arrived on the scene as one of the first hybrids, many utilitarian Americans have fallen in love with the Toyota Prius. Owned by an overwhelming number of retirees, the Prius remains a front runner in the race for practicality.

Even as the hybrid and electric vehicle markets grow, the Prius holds its place as a household name. When Americans think about a hybrid car, they think of the Toyota Prius.

The wild and fun new body-style tweaks and upgraded lights featured in the 2019 model aren’t the only changes Toyota has made to this favorite vehicle. The 2019 Toyota Prius introduces the all-wheel-drive version of the well-loved hybrid hatchback.

It may be one of the most versatile vehicles on the road to date. Drivers are loving their new Priuses. That being said, it isn’t an easy task to track down the primary complaints on a car that has been so well received.

So, what are the complaints?

A little digging was necessary to pinpoint the 3 most common complaints. According to this J.D. Power report, the 2019 Toyota Prius will get you from point A to point B in one of the smartest, most effective modes possible.

The common complaints are in line with the observation, “while the Prius won’t arouse any passion, it’s an undeniably useful, convenient, and practical tool for daily driving.” -J.D. Power.

It is just a tool.

Apart from the excitingly low out-of-pocket fuel costs, the 2019 Toyota Prius is a tool. It is designed to take its drivers from here to there with optimal safety and utility.

The most compelling thing about the new Toyota Prius is the all-wheel-drive option it now boasts. While definitely exciting, this still falls under the category of utility.

It is massively effective. And, while retirees might find its efficiency thrilling, it isn’t attracting any new followers with its less than mind-blowing functionality.

No Apple CarPlay.

Even though Toyota has sent countless 2019 models through production with Apple CarPlay as a standard feature, the 2019 Prius is not one of them. Perhaps due to the simple utility of the hybrid, Toyota felt that standard Apple CarPlay wasn’t a necessary spec.

Apple CarPlay is, however, an addition to the standard features of the 2020 Prius specs. This particular complaint about the 2019 Toyota Prius was answered by the Japanese carmaker with a relevant upgrade.

A navigation system isn’t standard with AWD

Cars with an all-wheel-drive option are designed to navigate the road at an optimal performance level. For instance, they are meant for handling tight curves and preventing rear slippage. Navigation means quite a bit to an all-wheel-drive vehicle. Why don’t the AWD trims include the 11.6 inch screen upgrade with JBL audio and integrated navigation system?

The navigation system is only available with the Limited Prius trim. This means the AWD, which is only available in the LE and XLE trim versions, will not come with a standard navigation system.

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This just seems silly. Toyota could reach a little higher with the Limited trim to make more of its features available on other trim levels.

The complaints are few

While there are some common complaints, owners of the 2019 Toyota Prius are happy. It’s pros outweigh the cons. While it may not be enthralling enough to spark the interest of younger drivers searching for a car with a certain amount of wow factor, it boasts the fantastic fuel efficiency and all-wheel-drive options that can be expected from this Toyota hybrid.

The 2020 model maintains the Prius mission of maximum efficiency and versatility. Though it may get lost in the pack of Toyota’s electrifying new surge of autos available with hybrid fuel technology, the Toyota Prius continues to fare well in a broadening landscape of EV and hybrid engineering.