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Honda’s cars are synonymous with affordable quality and reliability; that’s no surprise. However, not all vehicles are created equal, not even among Honda’s lineup. In an iSeeCars study, three modern Honda cars topped the list of the longest-lasting cars with the potential to drive over 200,000 miles. Here are three Hondas with longevity to spare: the Honda Accord, Fit, and the long-lasting Civic. 

Is a Honda a long-lasting car?

Honda is known for its reliability and longevity, but not every Honda will last the same average lifespan. The Accord might be the model with the greatest longevity for potential owners looking for the longest-lasting Honda car on the market. According to iSeeCars, the Honda Accord has a potential lifespan of around 226,168 miles. Moreover, the study says that these numbers don’t indicate the maximum possible mileage for models produced in the last 20 years. 

The Honda Accord is one of the longest-lasting Honda cars according to iSeeCars.
2018 Honda Accord Touring | Honda

“This is simply a measure of current odometer readings,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Most of these cars are still in use and going strong.” That’s excellent news for potential owners who want a Honda Accord and aren’t sure if it’s a prudent investment. Moreover, the Accord came in at number three on the list of longest-lasting cars and first among the top three-performing Honda cars. 

Is a Honda Fit a long-lasting car?

While the Honda Fit didn’t return a potential lifespan figure as high as the Honda’s ubiquitous Accord, it’s still the second-longest-lasting Honda car in iSeeCars’ study. The Fit has an average potential lifespan of around 207,231. That puts the Honda Fit between the Lexus GS 350 and Honda Civic for the number six spot. Moreover, The Drive says the Honda Fit boasts an average reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, regardless of the model year. 

The Honda Fit, like the long-lasting Civic, is one of the longest-lasting Honda cars on the market.
Honda Fit | Honda

Is Honda Civic a long-lasting car?

The Honda Civic has been a staple in affordability and reliability for decades. However, iSeeCars’ longevity study suggests that the Civic is also one of the longest-lasting Honda cars. Specifically, the Civic returned a potential lifespan of around 205,335 miles, less than 2,000 behind the Fit. That puts the Civic in the number seven spot for longest-lasting cars from the last 20 years.       

The long-lasting Civic is one of the marque's most dependable cars.
Honda Civic | Honda

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What car has the best longevity?

While Honda managed to produce many of the cars and SUVs with high scores in the longevity study, Toyota stole the show. Toyota made 10 of the top 20 longest-lasting models, many of which were the marque’s SUVs, like the Sequoia, Land Cruiser, and 4Runner. 

While Toyota captured many of the top spots, all the vehicles on the list have potential lifespans of over 200,000 miles, including the longest-lasting Honda cars. Karl Brauer says these vehicles are “capable of more than a quarter-million miles of use if properly maintained.” In fact, some Honda Accords have crossed the one-million-mile mark. 

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