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The Ford F-150 Lightning is coming to change the game for American pickup trucks this spring. The F-150 is considered to be the quintessential American work truck. The Blue Oval’s electric pickup truck has features that make it an even better work truck than its predecessor.

The Ford F-150 Lightning has a Mega Power Frunk for even more storage

Frunks are no longer reserved for expensive sports cars. Thanks to the F-150 Lightning’s electric powertrain system, it has no use for a conventional internal combustion engine. This frees up plenty of space in the front of the vehicle. The Blue Oval has dubbed this space the “Mega Power Frunk“. It has a total of 14.1 cubic feet of storage space.

If the F-150 Lightning’s truck bed is full of lumber or tools at a worksite, its Mega Power Frunk leaves drivers with plenty of extra storage space. The internal combustion engine F-150’s storage capacity simply can’t compare. The frunk even has a drain plug in case you want to store a cooler in there.

Ford Intelligent Backup Power can come in handy in a pinch

Picture this: there’s a citywide blackout and you need to get some work done in your home office. If you own a Ford F-150 Lightning with Intelligent Backup Power, a blackout is no big deal. This innovative feature can use the electric vehicle’s battery capacity as a backup generator for your home.

According to Road Show by CNET, the F-150 Lightning can potentially power a home for days. North Texas residents recently experienced several tornados. Natural disasters can be devastating. Ford offers a way to prepare for disasters with Intelligent Backup Power. Having power during a power outage isn’t just convenient, it could also be lifesaving in certain situations.

This feature can be extremely valuable in a work setting as well. If a small worksite were to lose power, the F-150 Lightning could be vital to finishing up a day’s work. Ford claims that 2020 was a “record-breaking year for power outages”. If power outages continue to become regular occurrences in the U.S. this feature could prove to be incredibly useful to have.

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s Pro Power Onboard is perfect for work sites

A blue 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is driving down the road.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning’s Pro Power Onboard feature allows drivers to power tools and appliances using the F-150 Lightning’s many powerpoints. Lariat and Platinum models come standard with a whopping 11 different power outlets. Outlets are located in the frunk, cab, and truck bed of the electric pickup truck.

The F-150 Lightning is perfect for work sites because it’s practically a tool itself. The Blue Oval’s first electric pickup truck has the potential to be the best electric pickup truck on the market.


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