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Ferrari’s front-engine V12 grand tourers are some of the best road-going vehicles ever made. Examples like the F12 with its 6.3-liter F140 engine make the brand shine, especially when costing more than a house. Despite people’s thoughts on Ferrari’s mechanical sensitivities, the F12 is devoid of major issues. Such surprising reliability makes the V12 super coupe ideal for daily driving, but maybe not so much for sitting in traffic. It’s probably not shocking, but there aren’t a lot of DIY tips on Ferraris out there. Given the F12’s rarity and the even rarer Ferrari mechanic, many owners rely on forums. And the following three Ferrari F12 common problems are a mashup of owner grievances. 

1. Wonky starter motors

Many F12 owners praise Ferrari for their super coupes blasting to life on a cold start. However, if the engine is shut off after being driven for a few dozen miles, it doesn’t want to fire up again. Additionally, the lazy starting is accompanied by electrical warning errors, F12 owners on Exotic Car Hacks say.

2. Rough-shifting transmissions

The seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox in the F12 is used in most Ferrari models from the time, including the 458 Italia. Owners on Ferrari Chat assert the 7DCL750 transmission may leak fluid. Yet, the gearbox may undergo a speed sensor failure, causing rough shifting.

3. Peeling paint

It’s not a major mechanical malfunction, but another Ferrari F12 common problem is peeling paint. It seems to occur mostly on the rear mesh. Considering it’s where the exhaust leaves the 730-horsepower car, overheating bodywork seems to be the culprit.

How to fix these Ferrari F12 common problems

For the F12’s starting woes, owners have found success in replacing their starter motor and the battery connector cable. Nevertheless, the engine likes to overheat, whether from use or sitting out in the Sun, causing starting problems.

Replacing the Formula One-derived 7DCL750 gearbox is tens of thousands of dollars. Luckily, according to the forums, the failure can be rectified with a new speed sensor, which is approximately $1,000. Leaky gaskets, however, are a part of the regular maintenance the F12 needs. Peeling paint is a simple fix, but maybe not on a used model. It was covered under the factory’s three-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Are there any recalls on the Ferrari F12?

A 2016 Ferrari F12 has a few Ferrari F12 common problems
2016 Ferrari F12 | Braden Carlson, MotorBiscuit

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued two recalls on the Ferrari F12. One surrounds the Takata airbags in the 2014-2017 F12s and most other Ferraris manufactured around that time. The other was concerning a loss of brake function on 2013-2017 models.

Fortunately, the brake recall isn’t necessarily a Ferrari F12 common problem. Unfortunately, it was a problem with nearly every Ferrari model made since 2005. The NHTSA explained that the brake fluid reservoir cap might not vent properly, causing a leak and leading to a partial or total loss of brake function.

Is the Ferrari F12 a reliable car?

2013 Ferrari F12 common problems
2013 Ferrari F12 | Lintao Zhang, Getty Images

Ferrari prides itself on making quality machinery. While there isn’t a shortage of Ferrari F12 common problems, that doesn’t mean it’s fragile. Considering the super coupe is meant for crushing continental drives rather than track times, it’s much more reliable than its mid-engine supercars.

Even when issues arise, the company, despite rumors, is fast to fix its vehicles. Owner entries on the various forums describe the company as “quick to rectify and identify the problem.”


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