3 Excellent 2022 Midsize Luxury Sedans That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

It’s not uncommon to see owners disagree with Consumer Reports scores on any given vehicle. Sometimes CR loves a car that owners hate and vice versa. However, the publication seems to be right on the money when it comes to owner satisfaction ratings, which CR bases on previous owners’ survey findings. Here’s a case where consumers who own midsize luxury cars rated their vehicles on the same wavelength as the publication. 

How Consumer Reports calculates owner satisfaction scores

Consumer Reports sends out annual surveys to vehicle owners to get an idea of what they think of the models they purchased in the past. Predicted Owner Satisfaction ratings are determined by a percentage of positive reviews concerning the vehicle in question. 

There are four categories CR focuses on when collecting the data. The publication asks about the driving experience, including how well it handles and how fast it accelerates. Owners will report on how comfortable the ride is, encompassing all aspects of the riding experience, including noise levels. 

Consumer Reports also asks about the exterior and what owners think of the model’s styling. The last area CR collects data on concerns the value of the vehicle. Does the owner feel they got their money’s worth with the model? The last question asked is whether the owner would purchase the car again if they got the chance.

The following three vehicles scored fairly high for owner satisfaction for the midsize luxury sedans category in addition to scoring high on standard Consumer Reports’ testing. 

1. BMW 5 Series 

A blue BMW 5 Series eDrive luxury sedan stock promotional photo
BMW 5 Series sedan | BMW Group

Consumer Reports predicts that many consumers will love the BMW 5 Series luxury sedan. Based on previous owners’ experiences, many loved how the vehicle drove, how comfortable they felt in the car, and how pleasant the exterior styling looked for the models they purchased. According to Consumer Reports, more than half of those who currently own the BMW model said they would repurchase it if given a chance. 

Only one area didn’t get high ratings, though: the vehicle’s value. Less than half of the people who responded to the survey sent out reported being pleased with what they got compared to the price they paid. A brand-new 5 Series costs $54,200.

2. Genesis G80

CR’s data collected from previous Genesis G80 owners is pretty impressive. All respondents to the publication’s survey loved how the vehicle drove and how aesthetically pleasing the car looked. Almost all were impressed by the comfort level the vehicle offered. Many said they would definitely buy this model again. 

Like the BMW 5 Series, the only issue reported on the survey was within the value category. It appears that few people were pleased with what they got for the price they paid. Still, the Genesis G80  is one of the more affordable luxury midsize cars on the market. According to Consumer Reports, the starting price is $48,250 and goes as high as $72,600.

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class


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Another midsize luxury sedan that CR rated well and predicts will please owners is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. This model received very good scores when it comes to owner satisfaction. Most consumers currently owning one of these sedans reported excellent experiences with how it drove, how the styling looked, and how comfortable it was to drive and ride in, possibly because of its air suspension

When you compare it to other vehicles, especially regarding repurchasing the model, the E-Class is at the top of the list. More than half were willing to repurchase it if the chance presented itself. That’s not bad for a vehicle that starts at $54,950. 

Consumer Reports predicts these three models will offer the most for consumers looking to buy a midsize luxury sedan. Based on the experiences of previous owners of each of these vehicles, it appears the publication is right.