3 Excellent 2022 Luxury Cars That No One Likes, According to Consumer Reports

Car enthusiasts and critics often have particular interests that don’t always align with the average driver. It is at times the case that a car loved and praised by reviewers will fail to make an impact with the general population. The public might not be entirely ready for a new driving experience or might not have similar needs as professional drivers. That is the case with these three luxury cars that Consumer Reports covered positively, but whose owners regret the purchase and would not buy again.

What does the owner satisfaction category rank?

Consumer Reports is one of the most well-respected automotive review publications whose opinion holds high respect among industry experts and everyday drivers. Its annual Owner Satisfaction Survey is one of the most crucial surveys for new car shoppers, since it helps the site improve their chances of finding ideal compatible car matches. In the survey, Customer Reports inquiries car owners on the various car aspects to determine if the owners could purchase that same car again.

The answers provided by the car owners aid in determining the owner-satisfaction rating, which helps predict how a particular model will satisfy buyers. Among the factors ranked in the survey include:

  • Driving experience. The survey judges the overall driving feel, Including acceleration and handling.
  • Comfort. The survey also ranks how comfortable the car feels, judging the seat comfort, noise, climate control, and ride.
  • Styling and design. How it looks on the inside and the outside.
  • Value. The survey also tries to gauge whether the car owners feel they got what they wanted, compared to the price they paid.

The driver satisfaction score

While the owner satisfaction score reviews how car owners feel about their purchase, the driver satisfaction score predicts the reception a car will get from drivers by analyzing the features and capabilities of the vehicle. Consumer Reports’ driver satisfaction score is a comprehensive review of how it thinks a car will perform in various situations and accounts for most practical needs.

Consumer Reports: Excellent luxury cars that no one likes

A red 2021 Acura ILX A-Spec subcompact executive car/luxury model driving past skyscrapers
2021 Acura ILX A-Spec | Acura

1. Acura ILX 

The Acura ILX is a small luxury sedan that Consumer Reports praised for its “excellent” driver satisfaction score. However, despite these high marks, many owners regret their purchase of the ILX. According to Consumer Reports, Acura ILX proves it is a fool’s errand to try making a premium model from the previous generations of Honda Civic.

2. Infiniti Q50 

The Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury sports sedan from Nissan. It is one of the better models from Nissan and even comes close to the spirit of other established German Competitors. It is affordable against its peers, offering V6 engine power at the price of competing rivals’ four-cylinder engines. Therefore, creating an edge in outright acceleration but sacrificing fuel economy. Despite its high marks from Consumer Reports, the Infiniti Q50 has not been well-received by drivers. Its owner satisfaction rating is among the lowest in the luxury compact sports sedan category.

3. Lexus LS

For nearly three decades now, the Lexus LS model epitomized excellence and luxury-car serenity, characterized by its pampering ride, rock-solid reliability, and whisper-quiet powertrain. However, the LS fifth-generation strays from the tradition, piling on compromised seating, a significantly less cushy ride, and complicated and distracting controls. With this shift in direction, the Lexus LS’ owner satisfaction rating has plummeted, making it one of the least-liked luxury cars on the market, according to Consumer Reports.

These three cases prove why reviewing the driver satisfaction score alongside the owner satisfaction score before making a purchase is crucial. This measure will give you a feel of the reception experts anticipate and how owners feel about their purchase. It will also help avoid making a regretful purchase.

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