3 Excellent 2022 Large Cars That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

If you’re looking for large cars, you have many options to choose from. Americans love bigger cars, and the auto industry has responded by filling dealers’ lots with some truly massive sizable vehicles. Which begs the question, which ones are actually good? Bigger isn’t always better. However, Consumer Reports has pored through the data and found three large 2022 models it likes and believes prospective buyers will come to love.

How Consumer Reports evaluates vehicles

Now, if you know anything about Consumer Reports, you know its recommendations aren’t always aligned with those of the general public. Still, the site does have a fairly intricate system that informs its own assessments of both the vehicles being reviewed and what its reviewers believe the general public will think of them.

Consumer Reports’ system relies on reviews and data from the Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey the site issues to its members. Its comprehensive studies examine every facet of a vehicle, from its emergency handling to its emissions. CR also offers a prediction of “Overall Owner Satisfaction,” which it determines based on the survey results. The driving factor behind this assessment is the answer to the question of whether verified owners would repurchase their particular vehicle.

As with most Consumer Reports measures, the Overall Owner Satisfaction score is further broken down into individual categories. The Overall Owner Satisfaction rating is based on how satisfied CR predicts owners will be with their vehicle’s Driving Experience, Comfort, Value, and Styling. Using this method and the above criteria, Consumer Reports landed on three cars it believes owners will enjoy just as much as its reviewers did.

2022 Toyota Avalon

A silver gray 2022 Toyota Avalon Touring full-size sedan/large car driving through a city with streaking night lights
2022 Toyota Avalon Touring | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Consumer Reports reviewers found Toyota’s full-size sedan/large car quite appealing – so much so that it’s one of its Recommended picks, ranking it number 1 in its segment. CR appreciated its performance, noting that it provided the right amount of power with a V6 TRD engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, the site found it handled exceptionally well when braking and cornering, with minimal body lean. 

Praise was also reserved for the Avalon’s upscale interior, which came fairly close to matching a luxury vehicle. Toyota afforded the Avalon’s base model a 9-inch touchscreen, dual-zone climate control, voice commands, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and an eight-speaker audio system. However, for those looking for more, the Limited and Touring trims offer navigation, a 14-speaker JBL audio system, a heated steering wheel, and vented front seats.

It’s little wonder Consumer Reports showered the Avalon with praise – and thought owners would also enjoy it. CR gave it a perfect Predicted Overall Owner Satisfaction score. Additionally, while Consumer Reports didn’t give it high marks in the Value category, it scored high enough in the other categories to earn its exemplary overall rating.

2022 Chrysler 300

Prospective owners may also like the 2022 Chrysler 300 as much as Consumer Reports did. Like the Avalon, it earned the publication’s Recommended distinction and an almost perfect Predicted Overall Owner Satisfaction score. Like the Avalon, the Chrysler 300’s Value score also dragged its overall score down a bit. Still, it faired very well in every other category and reviewers’ evaluations.

Its high scores are driven as much by its performance and handling as by its interior and amenities. The Chrysler 300 offers two powertrains: a 3.6-liter V6 and a 5.7-liter Hemi V8. Both come with an eight-speed automatic transmission, though the V6 also offers AWD capability. Despite its size, the Chrysler 300 handles remarkably well, despite the minor jolts one will feel on a bumpy road. This luxury sedan also has quite a quiet cabin, with little wind, road, or engine noise to be heard.

The interior of this large car is also surprisingly plush and upscale, complimented by the spacious cabin and generous front and rear seating space. The Chrysler 300 also comes with a well-designed 8.4-inch touchscreen whose proprietary UConnect controls are intuitive and feature a comprehensive list of apps. Drivers will have access to everything from iHeartRadio to Pandora and easily be able to add additional apps they may want.

2022 Dodge Charger

Another likely satisfying large car ride is the 2022 Dodge Charger, which earned from Consumer Reports a perfect Predicted Overall Owner Satisfaction score and a Recommended distinction. Unfortunately, the publication does not currently feature the breakdown of the score by categories, so you can’t see if there’s an area where owners felt like the Charger has missed the mark.

Still, looking at CR’s overview of the model, you’ll see a few areas for improvement. Consumer Reports notes the Charger’s handling isn’t up to par unless you add the optional Track Pack, which includes stiffer suspension. Additionally, its visibility isn’t great, especially out of the rear window. However, these minor criticisms don’t dim the reviewers’ evident enthusiasm for the Charger. This Dodge has the same powertrain options as the Chrysler 300, though it comes with a few performance-oriented editions that may interest those looking to tear up the road.

Like the Chrysler 300, the Dodge Charger also possesses a quiet cabin. It also sports the same size touchscreen and UConnect infotainment system as its corporate cousin. In fact, the fundamentals of each are similar enough across the board that either would suffice if you’re looking for a daily driver. However, if you’re seeking high performance in a large sedan, you’ll find some real gems among the Charger’s sportier editions.

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