3 Excellent 2022 Full-Size SUVs That Consumer Reports Predicts Owners Will Love

Consumer Reports is a well-renowned car critic site, but it’s not uncommon for one of its reviews to be at odds with what the general public thinks. However, there is one score that tends to not have much disagreement, and that’s the owner satisfaction score, as Consumer Reports gets this score from the general public. Regarding full-size SUVs, here’s a look at three options from the 2022 model year that Consumer Reports likes and predicts owners will love.

What the owner satisfaction survey is measuring

Consumer Reports has an annual survey sent to many car owners, asking them basic questions about their cars. These questions have to do with whether owners were satisfied with their car’s value, its styling, how the car drives, and how comfortable the car was. There’s also a question about if owners would repurchase their vehicle, all things considered. If they would, then those owners are categorized as satisfied.

After all the data is collected and analyzed, the scores for the cars are put onto the site. Sometimes there isn’t enough data to give an accurate score, and when that happens, Consumer Reports will try to predict owner satisfaction with the help of similar models.

1. The 2022 Ford Expedition is great and almost at the top

According to Consumer Reports, the 2022 Ford Expedition is one of the most satisfying options in the full-size SUV segment. It scored much better than other full-size SUVs, such as the GMC Yukon and the Chevy Tahoe. That being said, the Expedition’s satisfaction ratings weren’t perfect. Owners generally liked its styling, and the Ford SUV also gave them a good driving experience.

However, the area where the Expedition did exceptionally well in was comfort. Despite not being a luxury SUV, owners were very happy with the SUV’s comfort features, but the same can’t be said about the Ford’s value. The Expedition starts at just over $52,000, and most owners didn’t think it was worth that much.

2. The 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is a solid full-size SUV option

A red 2022 Jeep Wagoneer full-size luxury SUV model driving on a highway near mountains cliffs and pine trees
2022 Jeep Wagoneer | FCA US LLC.

The Jeep Wagoneer is another full-size SUV with a high predicted owner satisfaction score. That being said, unlike the Expedition, Consumer Reports did not get enough survey data about the Wagoneer due to its more recent release. As such, it’s not clear what Wagoneer owners think about the car’s comfort features, its styling, its value, or its driving experience. 

This full-size Jeep starts at about $59,000 and has a lot going for it. It can seat up to eight people, and all the seats are comfortable and spacious. There’s also a lot of cargo capacity, and Jeep gave the SUV a good fit and finish. Its main issues have to do with fuel economy and handling. The Wagoneer is a bit unwieldy and it’s very inefficient, with a 15 combined mpg rating. 

3. The 2022 Toyota Sequoia is an SUV that owners will love

The Toyota Sequoia is another great full-size SUV option that owners will love, and it has a slightly higher predicted owner satisfaction score than the Expedition and the Wagoneer. However, like the Jeep Wagoneer, Consumer Reports didn’t get enough survey data on the Toyota SUV. Regardless, owners will probably like it because it has a lot of positives

This Toyota SUV starts at just over $50,000, which makes it relatively affordable for the segment. The Sequoia is a large SUV and can comfortably seat eight people and plenty of cargo. It has a standard 5.7-liter V8 engine that gets 381 hp. However, this engine option is also thirsty, with a 15 combined mpg rating equal to the Wagoneer. Also similar to the Wagoneer, the Sequoia is noted for poor handling due to its size and weight.

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