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High gas prices have many consumers throwing up their hands in frustration. Electric vehicles, or EVs, are a great alternative. EVs have better fuel economy when compared to gas-powered counterparts, to say nothing of the environmental benefits. Auto manufacturers are investing billions in EV technology, and many are pledging to be all-electric in the coming years.

Among the newest EVs on the market, some get better mileage than others. Let’s look at what MPGe is and the three EVs with the best fuel economy rating.

First of all, what is MPGe?

A 2022 Lucid Air luxury electric sedan model parked by the sea as the sun rises of a city skyline of skyscrapers
2022 Lucid Air | Lucid

If you have researched EVs, you most likely have stumbled upon the term MPGe in your research. KBB explains that MPGe stands for Miles Per Gallon Equivalent. The standard mpg calculation cannot be done when a battery from a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or fully electric vehicle uses electricity as its fuel source because these vehicles don’t exclusively (or at all) use fuel that can be measured in gallons.

The formula for MPGe can be calculated like this: 33.7 kWh of electricity = 1 gallon of gas. The miles per gallon formula is simpler and works like this: miles driven divided by gallons used = mpg. Another factor that is equally important for EVs is the range rating. That is, how far you can go between charges.

1. Three-way tie for third place between the Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model S, and Hyundai Kona Electric, all with 120 MPGe

The Chevy Bolt, the Tesla Model S, and the Hyundai Kona Electric are tied for third place. All of these EVs get an EPA-estimated 120 MPGe. According to Edmunds, the Chevy Bolt also gets a 259-mile range with 200 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. The base price is $34,200.

The Tesla Model S has the best range of the top three contenders, with 405 miles. It also delivers an impressive 620 horsepower. The starting price for the Model S is $104,990.

The cheapest option on the list, the Hyundai Kona Electric, costs $34,000. It has a range of 258 miles and delivers 201 hp and 291 lb-ft of torque. 

2. The Lucid Air takes second place for fuel economy

The Lucid Air gets 131 MPGe in terms of fuel economy equivalency. According to Car and Driver, the Lucid Air gets an astounding 520 miles of EPA-estimated range and as much as 1,111 horsepower. The entry-level version has a 480 horsepower single electric motor. The rest of the lineup has two electric motors, each with a different horsepower rating, to provide all-wheel drive. The Touring model generates 620 hp, while the Grand Touring makes 1050 hp. The first batch of limited-edition vehicles with the names Dream Edition and Dream Edition Performance had 933 and 1111 hp.

The Air has a 112.0 kWh battery pack and supports DC fast charging. This EV is said to be able to recover 300 miles of range in 20 minutes when connected to a fast charger. Its base price is $78,900.

3. Tesla takes the top spot with the Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 comes in first place with 132 MPGe. Edmunds lists the starting price at $46,990. It has an EPA-estimated range of 272 miles. The estimated range of the Model 3 is increased by upgrading to the Long Range or Performance models, raising it to 315 miles for the Performance and 358 for the Long Range. Tesla also has an extensive network of fast-charging stations called Superchargers that will charge the Model 3 quickly.

With gas prices soaring globally, the EV revolution is now in full swing. As with any new technology, EV technology will only improve, and we may soon see vehicles that reach upwards of 200 MPGe in the coming years.


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