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If you are looking for an SUV that you can hand down to someone else in a few years, look no further. These durable SUVs aiming to go 300,000 miles come from your favorite brands like Toyota and Chevrolet. When a sport utility vehicle is considered high mileage, you can bet someone is taking good care of it behind-the-scenes.

The Toyota Sequoia is a durable SUV aiming to go 300,000 miles

When iSeeCars analyzed the SUVs that would last longer than 250,000 miles, the Toyota Sequoia was at the top of the list. In fact, Toyota had the most vehicles on this list. 10 of the top 20 cars were Toyotas, which could hit 200,000 miles and keep going.

“What we see is a list of highly-durable vehicles, capable of more than a quarter-million miles of use if properly maintained.” 

Karl Brauer | iSeeCars Executive Analyst

iSeeCars looked at cars, trucks, and SUVs sold for at least 10 years out of the last 20 years. Over the previous two decades, one percent of vehicles on the road had between 230,000 and 297,000 miles on the odometer. Of that, one percent of Toyota Sequoia SUVs have 296,509 miles on the odometer.

Brauer said that these aren’t the maximum number of miles, either. “This is simply a measure of current odometer readings. Most of these cars are still in use and going strong.”

Toyota’s Land Cruiser is THE durable SUV aiming to go 300,000 miles

Unsurprisingly, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the second vehicle on the list providing the most significant potential lifespan. iSeeCars found that a Toyota Land Cruiser can last 280,236 miles or more. Toyota built the SUV to be essentially indestructible and made for heavy use in terrains that other vehicles couldn’t traverse.

Toyota three-row SUVs were the highest mileage vehicles studied but don’t be fooled by the practical nature. These are still family haulers with plenty of creature comforts inside and out. These full-size SUVs also have enough parts to fix or upgrade anything that it might need.

Brauer said, “The Land Cruiser has a proven track record of durability, but its aging platform has been eclipsed by the modern and refined Sequoia, as reflected in the heavier use and higher mileage achieved by Toyota’s newer SUV.”

Don’t overlook the Chevrolet Suburban

Durable SUVs aiming to go 300,000 miles like this Chevrolet Suburban
A Chevrolet Suburban SUV | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Holding firm in third place is the Chevrolet Suburban. iSeeCars says the potential lifespan of this SUV is 265,732 miles or more, a respectable amount for such a large vehicle. While Chevy didn’t have too many options on this list, the Suburban is a durable SUV aiming to go 300,000 miles.

With proper maintenance, like oil changes, coolant flushes, suspension upgrades, and new brakes, your Chevy Suburban can make this list eventually. Chevrolet builds SUVs like this to carry all of the passengers and cargo you might have.

For those looking for a family-friendly and reliable SUV that you might be able to pass down to someone else one day, these options from Toyota and Chevy check all the boxes.