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Whether you like to hoon or you’re simply trying to get to work on time, radar detectors can help keep you on the right side of the law. But some states have laws against radar detectors that will get you in trouble even if you’re not doing anything else wrong. So if you’re from a state where such accessories are legal, but you’re headed somewhere that they aren’t, you may want to follow these three tips to hide a radar detector.

Hide a radar detector in the bumper

It is easy to hide a radar detector that links to your smartphone
A radar detector that links to your smartphone | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Alright, this one will take some skills. On the other hand, when properly done, this is a great way to hide your radar detector and keep some wiring clutter out of the cabin. Stealth radar detectors sit behind the front grille and bumper area, hidden from view. You can then hardwire the detector to the fuse box for power and use the included remote to control its functions.

These so-called “stealth” radar detectors aren’t cheap, but they also won’t be seen by any passing police cruiser. And even with four-figure price tags, the cost still outweighs paying fines and dealing with inflated insurance premiums for getting a speeding ticket.

Use a tinted brow to hide a window-mounted radar detector

For a more cost-effective route, hide a window-mounted radar detector behind a dark window tint brow. Most states allow for up to four inches of tint from the top of the windshield. Use a dark-enough film, and it is nearly impossible to see in from outside.

Once installed, simply ensure that the radar detector hides behind this brow. At that point, it will take a truly eagle-eyed officer to notice that it’s up there. Just be sure that it won’t interfere with your vehicle, as reported by CNET.

Be sure though, that your state allows for such tints on your windshield. Having an illegal windshield tint with an illegal radar detector likely won’t end well for you. And even if the remedy is to simply remove the illicit items, it’s still a hassle to deal with.

Tuck it above the rearview mirror

Hiding a radar detector can keep speed traps, like this one, from netting a you a ticket
A police speed trap | David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Maybe you don’t like the look of a tinted windshield brow. In that case, you can simply attempt to place your radar detector above or adjacent to the rearview mirror instead. Keep in mind that without a brow, it is still visible from the outside. However, placing it so near the mirror means it won’t be obvious with a quick glance.

For many, this is simply a temporary solution before installing tint. However, if you don’t plan to use your detector every day, it’s a clever place to help minimize its noticeability.

In addition, this placement will help avoid getting pulled over for an obstructed view. The lower windshield position makes for an easy excuse for a cop to pull you over. Placing it above the mirror puts it well above the field of view, so any claims that it inhibits visibility go out the window.

How do you place a radar detector without getting caught?

These tips are just a few ways of installing a radar detector in your vehicle without getting caught. Of course, we cannot recommend breaking the laws of your jurisdiction. Consult local authorities to understand the legality of radar detectors in your area, and use this guide to hide them when traveling to areas that have different legislation.

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