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Tesla Investor Day has come and gone. Tesla Inc stock has slid 6.69% thus far, hitting as low as $186.65 a share at the open. So the big question is, what gives? What went down during Tesla Investor Day, and why are investors droppin’ Tesla stock like it’s hot? Here are the biggest takeaways from the electric vehicle and clean energy company’s Investor Day.

Tesla Investor Day takeaways

  • Tesla has big plans for the production process and its existing nameplates.
  • The company is looking to expand into different industries, like robotics.
  • New nameplates were teased, but no specific release dates were revealed.

Tesla is changing the way it produces vehicles

Tesla’s Investor Day live stream lasted for nearly five hours. CEO Elon Musk and several key Tesla employees broke down the brand’s plans for the future and where the team sees the company going in the next few years.

Tesla employees are attempting to streamline production and increase vehicle output. The brand owns the most productive automobile factory in the United States, dubbed ‘Gigafactory Texas’ (everything’s bigger in Texas). So, how do you increase production when you’re already the most productive? Tesla has adequate space for tremendous vehicle output. Now it’s looking to the assembly process for pain points.

During Tesla Investor Day, the team explained how EV assembly can be tedious because the automaker rarely (if ever) outsources parts. Tesla’s manufacturing and assembly process is unique, and it takes time. The team claims that it has successfully found a way to expedite the process and make assembly generally more simplistic.

So, a more efficient assembly process equals more output. More output equals the possibility of more total market share. After all, demand isn’t an issue for Tesla at the moment. Supply and affordability are much more significant issues. If Tesla successfully increases output and finds more cost-effective production methods down the line, there could be some wiggle room when pricing vehicles. Don’t get your hopes up, but the possibility of more affordable Tesla EVs increases as the brand troubleshoots its production process.

Elon Musk is betting big on robotics

When some consumers hear the word “robot,” they associate it with Hollywood blockbusters like The Terminator. The reality is that robots already surround us. Robotics development and production will only increase with time, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t intend to be left out of the upcoming boom.

Tesla has already previewed a robot. During Investor Day, the brand teased its Optimus humanoid robot with a short video. According to TechCrunch, Musk claims that robot production will be much more lucrative than car production in the future.

Still no Cybertruck

A gray 2023 Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is parked.
The 2023 Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

A Tesla team member claimed that the Cybertruck is coming this year, but the brand has pushed back the fully-electric pickup truck back several times, allowing competitors like Rivian and Ford to beat it to market.

Consumers (and reservation holders) have no clue when the Cybertruck will arrive. It’s been so long since it was announced that auto enthusiasts are beginning to give up on it entirely. Part of the reason Tesla stock plummeted today is that Tesla didn’t reveal any cool new nameplates.

Project Juniper will redesign or update the Tesla Model Y, but we don’t know what that would look like. America’s most dynamic electric vehicle and clean energy brand has grand plans for the future. Will it achieve its goals and deliver on promises to investors, or has the brand already peaked?

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