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When it comes down to it, buying a Toyota SUV is usually a good decision. These are some of the best Toyota SUVs ranked by reliability, value, and potential lifespan. Don’t expect a good deal on these sport utility vehicles, either. It seems value retention is a big thing for Toyota, and these reliable Toyota SUVs check all the boxes.

The best Toyota SUVs for reliability include the Highlander Hybrid

When iSeeCars picked the best SUVs from the automaker, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid came in first. The Highlander has a long history of reliability, and the hybrid option only adds better fuel economy.

Some of the accolades given to the Highlander Hybrid include the Best Hybrid SUV, Most Reliable Hybrid SUV, and even the Safest Hybrid SUV. Most versions are between $39,555 and $51,460, and the hybrid is usually more expensive. That pays off down the line when you have to fuel up for less.

Another way the Highlander Hybrid is one of the best Toyota SUVs is due to its almost miraculous value retention. At the time of publication, buyers can expect to pay between $35,968 and $53,999 for a used version. Another iSeeCars study mentioned that this SUV’s potential lifespan was 244,994 miles or more. That landed it in the top 10 of all vehicles studied.

You can’t list the best Toyota SUVs without the Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser might have been higher on the list if it was easier to find. It tops the list of Best SUVs with Three Rows, Most Reliable SUVs with Three Rows, Best Large SUVs, and plenty more. iSeeCars gave it an almost perfect score for reliability, a Toyota SUV trait.

The Toyota Land Cruiser left the U.S. market for now, but there have been hints that it will return in the near future. People are big fans of this vehicle, meaning it has had good value retention over the years. New prices range from $85,665 to $87,995, while a used one could run anywhere from $70,338 to $115,937. Buyers tend to hang on to these, especially since it has been discontinued.

An iSeeCars study recently found that the Land Cruiser’s potential lifespan is 280,236 miles or more. Toyota three-row sport utility vehicles were the highest mileage vehicles studied but don’t be fooled by the practical nature. These are still family vehicles with plenty of creature comforts, making it one of the best Toyota SUVs for reliability.

Another reliable option is the Sequoia

The best Toyota SUVs include the Toyota Sequoia seen here
A Toyota Sequoia SUV | David McNew/Getty Images

While it might not be the best Toyota on the list, the Sequoia still deserves some praise. It came in second on many lists, like the Most Reliable SUVs with Three Rows, Best Large SUVs, and Most Reliable Large SUVs. While the Sequoia is less prevalent in some ways, it is still one of the best Toyota SUVs.

In fact, it came in first on the list of SUVs with the longest potential lifespan. Toyota Sequoia SUVs have the potential to last 296,509 miles if properly cared for.

With a high score for reliability, value retention, and safety, the Sequoia is a large vehicle with a lot to offer. New prices sit between $50,500 and $69,775, while used ones run between $42,474 and $70,997.

This is a good place to start if you want the best Toyota SUVs for reliability. You can also check out the non-hybrid Highlander, which gets an honorable mention. Don’t wait too long if you find a good deal on one of these options.

This article was updated on 3/22/2023.


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