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Contrary to popular belief, many places nationwide allow drivers to operate golf carts on public roads. For some people, they provide a practical, eco-friendly transportation alternative. That’s right — golf carts are convenient off-course vehicles, too. You can use them to run errands, pick up the kids, navigate campus, and more.

However, golf carts must meet certain criteria to be street-legal. Here are three of the best models you can drive on public roads that allow low-speed vehicles.

What makes a low-speed vehicle (LSV), such as a golf cart or street, legal on public roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less?

You must register the LSV as you would any other vehicle, with the proper applications completed and title and registration fees paid. Also, you must purchase insurance to cover liability and personal injury. You must hold a valid driver’s license to operate the golf cart.

Plus, it also must meet safety requirements to be legal. It has to be equipped with seatbelts, mirrors, lights, a windshield, wipers, turn signals, on-road tires, a parking brake, and a horn to meet federal safety standards. Some states and localities have additional requirements.

Here are three of the best street legal models.

For 4 people: Club Car Villager 2+2 LX

Starting at $10,728, this popular golf cart seats four, so you can take a few friends or family members on errands or outings. The Club Car Villager 2+2 is an electric model that can travel 30 miles on a single charge. Not only does it meet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards, but it also puts out zero emissions, and it’s a lot of fun to drive.

Upgrading to Villager 2+2 LX adds higher-end touches. Starting at $11,324, this model boasts two-tone sport seats, alloy wheels, and a custom dash. Club Car was designed for comfort and convenience.

The LX uses a 350-amp DC speed controller and can travel up to 20 or 23 mph. It produces 5 hp to 14 hp. 

For 6 people: E-Z-Go Express L6

The E-Z-Go Express L6 is a six-seater with higher ground clearance and rugged tires. It’s stylish, big, and capable. This street-legal golf cart looks good and drives smoothly using a 72-volt electrical system, an ELiTE lithium electrical system, or a closed-loop electronic fuel injection system. We suggest either of the electric models.

Comfortable on the street and the golf course, the Express L6 offers plenty of storage space, tall seats, and bright headlights for convenience and safety. It’s also loaded with features such as fully functioning brake lights and taillights.

This model can travel up to 20 mph and uses a 300- or 350-amp AC speed controller. Starting at $13,849, the 72-volt electric model produces 22.4 hp, The slightly more expensive ELiTE lithium model, starting at $15,149, makes 13.1 hp.

The Bintelli 6PF is unique in that all seating faces forward. It has space for golf bags behind the back seats. And it even boasts a rear-locking trunk for added security.

Measuring about 13 feet long, the Bintelli 6PF is popular because of its size and comfort. Convenient for all sorts of uses, this golf cart can travel up to 25 mph. The 5.5-hp motor can go up to 50 miles on a single charge using eight Trojan 105 batteries.

The Bintelli 6PF also packs plenty of great features. They include four-wheel hydraulic brakes with a hand brake, a DOT windscreen with a wiper, and a Curtis Sepec 1268 controller. Also, enjoy a handy Eagle on-board charger. Plus, this cart has a surprisingly affordable starting price of $9,999 and is inexpensive to maintain.

But before deciding on the right street-legal golf cart for you, know the laws governing usage where you intend to operate it.