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3 Best Sea Scooters Under $600 According to Divers

Sea scooters are a great option for propelling yourself underwater. It allows you to navigate the ocean with ease, giving you more time to enjoy what it has to offer. Sea scooters are sometimes expensive, but we've come up with 3 models that you can buy when on a budget.

Whether you’re looking to have fun on your vacation or are a professional diver, sea scooters are a great option for propelling yourself underwater. They are important accessories if you love exploring the waters because they allow you to navigate the ocean with ease, giving you more time to enjoy what it has to offer. Sea scooters, however, are sometimes expensive, but we’ve come up with 3 models that you can buy when on a budget. 

Black Yamaha logo against a cream background.
Yamaha logo

A quick overview of sea scooters

A sea scooter is a small hand-held device that helps divers and swimmers navigate through the water. It comes with a propeller, and most models have a speed range of 2 km/hr to 7 km/ hr. The diver holds on to the sea scooter, and it thrusts them through the water.

With a scooter, you use less energy paddling and swimming in the ocean. This then results in longer sessions allowing you to explore the deep ends of the oceans. Sea scooters run on batteries and are a convenient solution for divers who enjoy gliding through strong currents or deep waters. They are also referred to as underwater scooters, aqua scooters, and Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV).

There are various scooter models, and you can get one on a budget, especially if you’re a beginner or enjoy short and shallow dives. Here are our top 3 picks models below $600 based on DiveIn.

Yamaha Seal sea scooter

The Yamaha Seal sea scooter is highly compact and lightweight. It’s reliable and is a perfect option for children that love snorkeling or playing in the pool. This sea scooter has a well-guarded propeller, so you’re young one does not get hurt and comes with auto cut out and dual trigger operation feature. 

This sea scooter weighs 12 pounds which is enough for a child and has a run time of up to 1.5 hours. While it isn’t a reliable option for scuba diving, the Yamaha Seal sea scooter guarantees lots of fun for your child.  It is compact and the GoPro mount made it easy to stream videos in the water. However, it’s very slow, at 2mph, and can only be used up to depths of 15 feet. Its current cost is around $295.

Yamaha RDS200 sea scooter

This sea scooter is currently retailing at $475 and offers you great value for your money. It can be used in depths of up to 65 feet and moves at 2mph. It has a small compact size of 612 x 385 x 312 mm and weighs 13 pounds, including the battery.

The Yamaga RDS200 sea scooter comes with a sealed lead-acid battery and can run for up to an hour. It also has a removable buoyancy and a camera mount to take videos as you explore the waters. It is relatively slow, and the battery sometimes requires maintenance, but this sea scooter is perfect for children below the age of 16 years. 

Yamaha RDS250 sea scooter


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This sea scooter allows you to dive in deeper waters and run for around 2 hours which is impressive. It has a depth range of up to 98 ft and weighs 18 pounds, including the battery. This scooter comes with a removable buoyancy and has a built-in camera mount for seamless video streaming while in the water. The battery could, however use an upgrade. 

You can use the above devices for various water-based activities, including; blue diving, technical diving, recreational diving, snorkeling, and open water swimming. You can also use them in several water environments, including open lakes, oceans, and swimming pools. 

While all are great options, it all comes down for what you plan to use the sea scooter for. At least these three are more economically friendly and makes it more obtainable to go on your water adventure.