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Although it’s never been the most popular full-size truck, the Nissan Titan does have a loyal following. And with reports of Nissan having plans to kill off the Titan in the near future, getting a used version of this pickup might seem like a good idea. These are the three best Nissan Titan trucks to buy used. 

 What year is best for the Nissan Titan?

If you want a used Nissan Titan, 2015 might be one of the better years out there. When compared to other Titan models, this one has fewer complaints. And because it is older, most common issues have already been figured out. 

The 2016 Titan marks the second generation of this pickup truck. And it is not as successful as Nissan had hoped. When it first went on sale, the goal was to move 100,000. In 2016, Nissan managed to sell just 21,880 Titan trucks. And that is significantly lower than other manufacturers. 

These three used models show that even though this Nissan pickup is not that popular, it can still be a decent truck. 

3. 2017 Titan

This Titan is a member of the second generation. The 2017 model has a fairly low amount of complaints. And because it is newer, you get some more modern features. Another plus of this Nissan Titan is the fact that it comes standard with a V8 engine. 

A red Nissan Titan from 2017 sits on display.
2017 Nissan Titan | Daniel Acker via Getty Images

Each 2017 Titan has a 5.6-liter V8 engine that makes 390 horsepower and 394 pound-foot of torque. While that does mean a second-gen Titan might not be as efficient as some other full-size trucks, it is nice to see a standard V8. 

2. 2007 Nissan Titan

The 2007 Titan can be a reliable used truck if you are on a budget. Just keep in mind that this vehicle is over 10 years old, so you will be making some sacrifices. Don’t expect to see things like Apple CarPlay or blind spot monitoring in this full-size truck. 

A 2007 Nissan Titan is on display as a full-size truck.
2007 Nissan Titan | Jeff Kowalsky via Getty Images

When properly equipped, this Nissan Titan can tow up to 9,500 pounds and haul up to 1,799 pounds. 

Depending on mileage and condition, the 2007 Titan can be had for less than $10k. And for what you’re getting, that seems to be a fairly good deal. Of course, some models will climb over that price. But it is nice to see a full-size truck that you can find in this budget range. 

1. 2015 Titan

The best year for the Nissan Titan appears to be the 2015 model, at least in terms of buying used. It’s got the fewest complaints and can be relatively affordable. Plus, like the 2017 model, you do get that standard V8 engine. 

A 2015 Nissan Titan full-size truck sits in a display room.
2015 Nissan Titan | TTTNIS

According to Kelley Blue Book, you can get this full-size truck with some off-road goodies, including a locking rear differential. So if you want an off-road truck, that is probably a plus. 

Now, this vehicle is not without its drawbacks. The engine is not as powerful or as efficient as the engines found in the Ford F-150. And there is no standard cab configuration.

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