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If you’ve never heard the term “toy hauler” before, it’s not what you might have envisioned. It’s not a trailer for carrying children’s toys. But it does haul large toys such as ATVs, motorcycles, and the like. And today, toy haulers are used for more than just toting small vehicles and camper equipment. Sometimes they double as tiny homes on wheels.

Countless people have dropped city life for RV life. So, let’s take a look at the best lightweight toy haulers — toys not included.

2018 inTech Flyer XLT Plus Explorer

Starting in reverse order, RVing Know How ranked the 2018 Flyer Plus third on its list of the “10 Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Travel Trailers on the Market in 2021.” According to the inTech, “Flyers are designed for serious camping by people who camp!” With an unloaded vehicle weight (UVW) of 1,450 pounds and loaded vehicle weight (LVW) of 2,020 pounds, it’s a fairly compact travel trailer. Nevertheless, inTech RVs have combined a compact design with a comfortable interior.

From its exterior, you wouldn’t expect its interior to feel at all spacious. In addition to its novel interior design, it has a rugged, adventure-ready appearance. The Flyer XLT Plus Explorer has an interior height of 66 inches and an interior length of 97 inches.

If you choose to add any of the slide-out options, such as the “Exterior Kitchen Slide Out Option,” it adds to the overall inner dimensions without affecting the exterior dimensions during travel. Its functionality also allows you to easily convert the interior from a cargo space into sleeping quarters in only minutes.

Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Line G16TH

Forest River‘s website has roughly 13 floor plans listed for the Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Line. The “G16TH” included by RVing Know How represents one of the two toy hauler floor plans it offers with the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro. The other toy hauler floor plan listed as “G19FBTH” is a new addition, so it might not have been available when RVing Know How published its review. The primary difference between the G19FBTH and G16TH floor plans involves a kitchenette.

This toy hauler has a significantly heavier UVW compared to the Flyer XLT Plus Explorer, weighing in at 2,842 pounds dry. This added weight is what allows various floor plans. According to RVing Know How, the Rockwood Geo Pro toy hauler from Forest River “is perfect for RVers who want a lightweight toy hauler with a floor plan but can still accommodate almost 2,000 pounds of cargo.”

However, we’d have to differ from RVing Know How by mentioning that the new G19FBTH floor plan with a kitchen definitely seems like a better choice. But even the older floor plan came with amenities and appliances, including a wet bath system with a shower, toilet, refrigerator, furnace, 1,000-watt inverter, and outdoor gas grill.

The smallest and lightest toy hauler: VRV XTR 614

The VRV XTR is no longer manufactured. In fact, the original manufacturer, Livin’ Lite RV, managed by KZ Inc., informed dealers that Livin’ Lite RVs’ production would end in mid-2018. Thus, most of the models found are before 2018. The only remnant of Livin’ Lite is a forum. However, you can still find these toy haulers on the used market.

The VRV XTR has a 4,900-pound carrying capacity, nearly two times more weight than its UVW. In other words, you can choose to travel light for those longer trips if need be. Its dimensions are 14.6 feet in length, 9.33 feet in width, and 6.5 feet in depth. This means it has enough room to carry a four-wheeler, as well as four additional people.

Other features like a full-size bathroom, residential shower, air conditioning, and a furnace make this toy hauler a perfect choice for full-time RVers.


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