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LED headlights are a relatively new upgrade that is well worth it. These headlights produce a lot of light without using as much energy as traditional headlights. They’re better for the life of your car battery, and they last up to five times longer.

The Drive recommends for swapping out your standard headlights for LEDs, noting that the top LED headlights are not only over 80% more efficient than halogen bulbs but are also cheaper over time and illuminate the road better at night, a top priority for many drivers. The following LED headlights are the best available right now.

HIKARI Ultra Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit 

These bulbs boast a light output of 12000 lumens per pair — 270% brighter than standard halogen bulbs — yet use 23 watts per bulb. They’re a top-of-the-line pick when it comes to delivering on the promise of LED bulbs. As for size, the HIKARI Ultra LED headlight bulbs are identical to halogen bulbs, so they’re easy to install.

Light utilization and the focus of the light are both better for those who struggle to see while driving, especially at night. The beam pattern is precise, so other drivers won’t get blinded. Check out the HIKARI Ultra LED bulbs if you seek maximum brightness at a minimum price. Online retailers list the HIKARI Ultra Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit at under $100.  

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

As with the HIKARI headlights, BEAMTECH’s H11 LED Headlight Bulbs offer greater brightness at a low wattage; each bulb’s power is only 25W. Not only do these bulbs last for over 30,000 hours, but the low wattage also helps prolong the bulbs’ life, contributing to cost-effectiveness. Car Bibles also approved these bulbs’ general safety, stating “there is no high voltage, circuit interference, or electromagnetic radiation.”

The lights are extremely bright, totally silent, and provide a clean white color. They include a cutoff line so you don’t end up accidentally flashing other drivers or inhibiting their sightline on the road. Online listings price these bulbs at $36.99, making the BEAMTECH bulbs the least expensive of our picks. If cost is your priority, this may be your best bet. 

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit 

Touted by many car owners as the best LED headlights of all, the Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit is deceptively easy to install. In a matter of minutes, you can replace your regular bulbs with these impressively bright, long-lasting alternatives. Car Bibles reviewed these bulbs and concluded they’re well worth the investment, stating, “Cougar Motor LED bulbs promise to be up to 200% brighter than standard halogen models.”

If you struggle to see in less-than-ideal conditions, these rainproof bulbs will appeal to you. Their cool white beams offer precision you simply can’t expect from standard-issue bulbs. A pair of Cougar Motor bulbs will serve you well for over 50,000 hours. All that for under $50 is quite a steal.