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As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, critics have more options to pick from when ranking electric cars, and lists are often quite different. Newcomers to the market like Rivian impress with their power and long-range potential, while some critics are less enthusiastic about industry leader Tesla than they used to be. With more EVs on the market, it might come as a surprise that a recent list of the best electric cars from iSeeCars ranks recognizable, longtime models at the top.

Evie electric car-sharing in Minneapolis-Saint Paul
A man charges a Nissan Leaf electric car in Saint Paul, Minnesota | Marlin Levison/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Nissan Leaf

According to iSeeCars, the Nissan Leaf is the third-best electric car available today. Nissan’s signature compact hatchback has been a staple of the EV market for well over a decade, and while it may lack the power or style of newer EVS, there is still a lot to love about the Leaf.

One aspect of the Nissan Leaf that sets it apart from almost all other EVs on the market is just how available and affordable it is. Used Leaf models can go for as little as $16,987, according to the iSeeCars list.

Unlike some other EVs, the Nissan Leaf is also still qualified for the $7,500 federal tax credit. This price point makes the Leaf a great option for a driver who is considering making the switch to an electric vehicle but is still on the fence. 

Newer Nissan Leaf models are known for their superb safety, particularly because of the Nissan Safety Shield 360 system. This active safety suite includes features like rear cross-traffic alert and automatic emergency braking. 

If there is anything lackluster about the Nissan Leaf, it would be the EV’s maximum range. The newest Leaf models can travel up to an estimated 226 miles per charge, but some models are known to only drive for 150 miles. While this is a downside, the Leaf is still an excellent entry-level electric vehicle. 

Tesla Model 3

Critics’ opinions on Tesla cars are much more mixed than they used to be, but iSeeCars ranked the Tesla Model 3 as the second-best electric car available today. This publication is hardly the only fan of the Model 3 either, as it holds the title of best-selling electric vehicle in the United States. 

The Tesla Model 3’s design has become iconic since the electric sedan first hit the market, but visual appeal is just a small part of what makes the Model 3 so great. The top-trim Model 3 can travel up to 334 miles per charge, and even the base range of 267 miles is impressive. 

Driving the Tesla Model 3 is supposed tobe exciting and responsive. Plus all the optional features only make this even more true. The Performance trim in particular is known for providing an exhilarating driving experience. 

Unlike the Nissan Leaf, though, the Tesla Model 3 is not known as much for its affordability. While the lowest MRSP for a Model 3 is $46,990, iSeeCars states that buyers are more likely to spend more than that. 

Tesla Model S

Even the harshest Tesla critics have to tip their hats to the as-of-yet unmatched capabilities of the Tesla Model S. Considered by many to be the best EV ever made, iSeeCars ranked the Model S as the best electric car today.

Even the base Tesla Model S is known for its performance capabilities, but the true standout is the top-trim Tesla Model S Plaid, which is known for having a yoke steering wheel and almost unbelievable acceleration. 

Range is another area that the Model S stands apart from competitors in, as some Model S trims can drive over 400 miles per charge, which is exceptionally rare for EVs. Even base Model S cars come close to hitting the 400-mile range mark. 

However, the Tesla Model S is an expensive car. While the Model 3 is pricey, the Model S is a full luxury sedan with a base price of $104,990. For the performance of the Plaid trim, a buyer can expect to pay significantly more than this already high price.

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