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Options abound for fun summer vacation cars, but you should look for several factors when picking the best beach mobile. And, of course, your choice will ultimately depend on your needs and wants. But one of these three models will fit the bill for your summer beach adventures.

Rugged beach SUV: 2021 Jeep Wrangler

This one is a no-brainer for off-roading fans. That’s because the beach is one of the Wrangler’s “natural habitats,” Carfax notes. And that’s mostly because Jeep designed this SUV with the outdoors in mind. The Wrangler can easily navigate rocky inclines and uneven terrain, but it can also handle sandy beaches and surrounding environs.

The Wrangler Unlimited can do that because it packs a powerful V6 and comes with four-wheel drive. On top of that, this SUV boasts a removable roof and doors, allowing occupants to experience the beach breeze. Furthermore, the Wrangler’s interior is easy to clean, and that includes sand and water.

Plus, the Wrangler provides 72.4 cubic feet of cargo space to carry your recreational gear. The Unlimited starts at about $32,000, well worth the price thanks to its many great outdoorsy features.

Spacious beach mobile: 2021 Chrysler Pacifica

Though the Wrangler might be the stereotypical beach SUV, the Chrysler Pacifica is the ideal vehicle for larger groups. After all, it’s a minivan, so it comes with all the pros and cons of a people hauler. That said, the Pacifica’s features and specs make it a great option for families heading to the beach, Carfax reports.

With its seats folded down, the Pacifica can hold up to 140.5 cubic feet of cargo, which is almost double the Wrangler’s max capacity. This massive amount of space means you can haul your group and their stuff to the beach.

The Pacifica starts at about $35,000, but it also provides plenty of optional upgrades that make it an even better option for beach vacations. For example, the Pacifica’s optional rear-seat entertainment system keeps kids entertained on the road.

Sporty beach car: 2021 Ford Mustang convertible

Last, a Ford Mustang convertible is a perfect pick for the beach. Like the Pacifica, the Mustang isn’t meant to traverse dunes. But unlike the Pacifica, the pony car trades utility for sheer fun. After all, the Mustang is an American icon that’s thrilling to drive and supremely stylish.

But with its max cargo capacity of only 11.4 cubic feet, the Mustang won’t be a family choice. But for folks looking for a solo trip or a getaway with a few friends, a Mustang convertible is an enjoyable way to go on that trip.

Its standard 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces an impressive 310 hp, and plenty of other engine options make the Stang even more fun to drive. Plus, the convertible starts at about $32,600, a highly affordable yet powerful car.


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