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Looking for an SUV with four-wheel drive, and you don’t care about the cost? Look no further than these sport utility vehicles from Land Rover, Jeep, and Lincoln. All of the options are on the luxury spectrum and make some of the best 4×4 SUVs for 2023.

Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport is one of the best 4×4 SUVs of 2023

Starting off this list, U.S. News says the 2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is expensive but worth it. The interior is made with top-notch materials and feels as luxurious as expected. Land Rover offers various powertrain options from 355 hp in the base inline-six up to 523 hp with the twin-turbo V8. There is also a 434-hp plug-in hybrid option, but all these are four-wheel drive.

You might be surprised how well the 2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport does off the beaten path. 11.1 inches of ground clearance means more space to travel over terrain. The Range Rover Sport also has Terrain Response, which helps keep traction in rocks, sand, snow, and mud. This luxury SUV can also tow up to 7,716 pounds when properly equipped.

Lane-keep assist, Lane-departure warning, and Forward collision warning are just a few of the standard driver-assistance features. It also gets Automatic emergency braking, a Surround-view parking camera system, and Traffic-sign recognition.

Jeep’s Wagoneer was made to be one of the best 4×4 SUVs

The best 4x4 SUVs includes this Jeep Wagoneer in the dirt
The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer | Jeep

People really like the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer and everything it has to offer. Jeep definitely increased the luxury with the Wagoneer this year, and off-roading is no big deal. While the base V8 gets 392 hp, drivers can upgrade to the twin-turbo inline-six with 420 hp. Both engines get an automatic transmission, and four-wheel drive is an option. The inline-six option with four-wheel drive might offer the best combination for off-road adventures.

Jeep added some upgrades to the Wagoneer that make it better suited for off-roading, but it isn’t going to beat a smaller-wheelbase model. A two-speed transfer case, all-terrain tires, and selectable drive modes add to its utility. On top of that, the Wagoneer can tow up to 10,000 pounds when properly equipped.

Standard driver-assistance features on the Wagoneer include Forward collision warning, Forward automatic emergency braking, and Blind-spot monitoring. Rear cross-traffic alert and Adaptive cruise control are also helpful additions. Finally, Jeep builds the 2023 Wagoneer in Michigan. This is not only one of the best 4×4 SUVs, but it is made in the USA, too.

Comfortable and reliable, the Lincoln Navigator is a good option

It isn’t the most modern option on the list, but the 2023 Lincoln Navigator offers four-wheel drive as an option. It earned high marks for its performance, and the 440 hp twin-turbo V6 helps keep this SUV running smoothly. Lincoln’s 10-speed automatic transmission is also to thank for that.

You won’t really want to take the Navigator off-road, but it excels at on-road comfort. Front cameras and sensors help the SUV adjust to different road qualities, which is a neat addition. Even though this SUV with four-wheel drive isn’t the newest design, the Navigator has remained a reliable and luxurious option.

Standard driver-assistance features include Blind-spot monitoring, Rear cross-traffic alert, and Forward collision warning. Forward automatic emergency braking, Pedestrian detection, and Automatic high-beam headlights are also standard. Lincoln builds the 2023 Navigator in Kentucky, so this is another American option for the best 4×4 SUVs.

Depending on what you plan to do with your new vehicle, these are some of the best 4×4 SUVs of 2023. Comfort and luxury are just as important as the capability for some drivers, and these options do it all.


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