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The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE is the second all-electric sedan to wear the Tri-Star badge and is effectively the EV equivalent of the venerable E-Class. Like its larger all-electric sibling, the EQS Sedan, the EQE is a technological showcase rich with cutting-edge features. Three notable amenities particularly stand out in Mercedes’ new midsize EV.

Rear exterior of a gray Mercedes-Benz EQE outside
The Mercedes-Benz EQE | Mercedes-Benz

A fingerprint-sensor controls driver-specific features

Mercedes has long offered ways for drivers to control personal settings in their models, but the EQE takes things a step, or touch, further with fingerprint biometric scanning for individual settings or to control certain features.

The EQE’s fingerprint sensor is located forward of the center console, and once programmed, drivers can use it to customize settings such as seat or mirror positions, driving setups or favorite radio stations. Up to seven profiles can be used with Mercedes claiming up to 800 custom parameters are offered.

Additionally, the biometric sensor serves as a security tool for using the “Mercedes me” app, which stores profiles and can be used for purchases like digital services or hardware upgrades right from the driver’s seat.

Quiet cruising with the Acoustic Comfort Package

A quiet cabin should be a staple of any luxury sedan, and with an all-electric powertrain, sound-deadening is even more critical. Thus, the EQE offers an Acoustic Comfort Package, an optional feature available for $1,100 in the mid-range Exclusive trim and top-spec Pinnacle models.

The package fits laminated glass on the front side windows and adds wind deflectors, covers and seals to the panoramic roof to keep outside noises, well, outside. Added interior insulation is also included.

The package enhances the sound-deadening engineering already equipped to the EQE. Mercedes says the EQE has improved seals on the door handles and outside mirrors, sports a uniquely shaped trim element from the A-pillar to windshield that cuts down noise and that “special attention” was paid to limit noise intrusion from the side windows.

The EQE’s focus on sound-deadening and the Acoustics Comfort Package aims to make the EQE a quiet oasis from the outside world. We’ve tested it and can confirm at cruising speed, the 2023 EQE is so quiet, you can practically hear your fingernails growing.

Parktronic eases the troubles of tight parking spaces

The EQE can mitigate the headache associated with traversing into a bay in a tight parking garage or parallel parking with its Parktronic system with Active Parking Assist. Fitted to all models, the Parktronic feature pairs with the surround-view camera and allows drivers to relax while the EQE automatically enters and exits parking spots. Coupled with optional rear-axle steering, Active Parking Assist can make up to 12 directional changes to ensure no doors are left dinged.

The system can also be activated to search for empty spaces, and additional safety features like cross-traffic collision warning that will automatically stop the EQE if the driver doesn’t intervene should a hairy situation arise. Ambient lighting and audible chirps are delivered during these processes to give drivers some piece of mind while letting their car park itself.

Do these features justify the 2023 Mercedes EQE’s price tag?


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The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE is available in four models, each with three trim levels. The base 350+ model starts at $74,900 MSRP with the AWD and far torquier 350 4Matic commanding $77,900. The more powerful 500 4Matic starts at $85,900, and the ultimate performer of the bunch, the AMG EQE, lists for $106,900.

Given the EQE delivers respectable range and performance across its lineup while driving the expected luxury and comfort of a cutting-edge Mercedes model, the EQE justifies its price point. And with its biometric sensor and Parktronic system standard with the Acoustic Comfort Package adding $1,100—not too big a price to pay when the model nears six figures—its notable tech features only add to the appeal.