This $275,000 ICON Toyota Land Cruiser Might Blow Your Mind

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a sport utility vehicle worth spending some money on. If you have $275,000 burning a hole in your pocket, the Toyota Land Cruiser by ICON 4×4 might be the item to spend it on. “Icon is all about revisiting classic transportation in a modern context,” ICON CEO Sherif Yassa says. No matter the context, these bespoke SUVs are about as cool as it gets. What does $275,000 get you these days? Check out the tour of the facility below to find out more.

Check out this completely custom ICON Toyota Land Cruiser

Four different Toyota Land Cruiser body styles are up for order at the ICON shop in Los Angeles, California. The FJ40 has a short wheelbase for maneuverability and seats four. For the FJ40, eight more inches of cabin space offer seating for six. The FJ44 is the most expensive in the bunch but provides the ultimate versatility, according to ICON. Those who want a pickup truck can hop into the FJ45, which has a 5.5-foot bed and room for two.

Body StylePriceSeats

Some packages include New School, Old School, Roadster, and Derelict. Pick the color, wheels, roof, tailgate, seats, and everything else. But like all good things, you probably have to wait a while for your build. In the video above, Yassa says it takes about three months to build the FJ Land Cruiser from the ground up.

You can provide your own Toyota Land Cruiser or buy one of the ICON builds

The ICON 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser
A Toyota Land Cruiser by ICON 4×4 | Braden Carlson, MotorBiscuit

Up for sale on the website is an ICON FJ43 with only 4,250 miles on it. Built with the Old School style, this Land Cruiser comes finished in Rocky Mountain Gray. An enhanced wheelbase adds room in the back, and the Art Morrison chassis adds to the build. Four-wheel coil-over Sport Suspension with Fox Racing tunable shocks and Eibach coils make the ride more comfortable.

This custom Land Cruiser also has ICON Brembo Sport Brakes and an LS3 Fuel Injected aluminum 6.2 V8. Heated bucket seats, four side-facing jump seats, and removable floor mats round out this insane build.

Yours for only $265,000, you can skip that three-month wait and start patrolling the streets in this Toyota immediately.

Don’t overlook the Ford Bronco or Chevy pickup


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ICON doesn’t stop there either; a whole lineup of Ford Bronco SUVs is available. The Bronco comes in a full hard top, soft top, half hard top, and a roadster option. On top of that, there’s the option of a 1947 to 1954 Chevrolet pickup truck. Yassa says the Bronco takes four months, with the custom paint job taking the longest amount of time.

The company has some inventory to choose from, or you can provide your own vehicle. Either way, ICON will make you a Toyota Land Cruiser, Ford Bronco, or Chevrolet pickup truck that no one else on your street will have.