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This Ram ain’t no normal TRX; It’s the Apocalypse Warlord, and it’s a silly thing. It just is. This 797-hp hell beast is one of the most intense vehicles on the planet. Even though the internet people responsible for this stupid crash have done this kind of thing successfully in the past, it doesn’t mean they had the juice to get it down this time. This $250,000 Ram TRX 6×6 Warlord failed to make a big jump ending in a big crash. 

Ram TRX 6x6 crash
Apocalypse Warlord crash inside the cabin | The Triple F Collection

What is the Ram TRX Apocalypse Warlord? 

The Apocalypse Warlord is a 6×6 supertruck based on the beefy Ram TRX. If having six wheels weren’t wild enough, it also rides on 38-inch rubber, solidifying the fact that this truck is meant to be as imposing and threatening as possible. I mean, it’s called the “Warlord,” after all. 

Its 797 hp comes from the TRX supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 and a little tune to push the power past the stock 702 hp. Its massive power output isn’t really for going fast as much as it is for charging over anything in its path. 

How did the Warlord crash with all that power? 

The Triple F Collection is a group of internet people who do wild things with cars and trucks and post about them on YouTube. The Drive mentions that the team of YouTubers has successfully jumped the $250,000 truck in the past. In their previous video, they sent the six-wheeler off a dirt jump at 30 mph, and it went without incident. However, that is not the case this time. 

The team decided to make the dirt jump taller this time around. They chose not to increase the takeoff speed and still hit the ramp at 30 mph, like last time. As it turns out, bigger jumps require more speed to clear. 

Needless to say, by this point, the truck wasn’t going fast enough to make the gap and landed nose down into the landing ramp in what must have been one hell of an impact. 

How tough is the 6×6 Warlord?

Ram TRX 6x6 AKA, the Apocalypse Warlord in midair before crash
Apocalypse Warlord crash | The Triple F Collection

The front end of the silly Ram TRX 6×6 got worked. The truck’s front wheels and panels got crushed under the truck’s immense weight. The Drive says ​​that the steering and suspension will need a total rebuild, with some frame damage likely as well. The landing was also hard enough to switch the infotainment system from music mode to the Bluetooth configuration page. I’m not sure how hard you have to slam a truck to change the computer programming, but I assume it’s pretty damn hard. 

No major or long-lasting injuries were reported despite the violence with which the TRX slammed the dirt landing ramp. However, the occupants will probably feel that pop for a bit. And once everyone’s necks and spines grow back (that’s how that works, right?), there will also be the massive repair bill on the custom $250,000 truck to contend with. 


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