$230,000 Lamborghini Urus Owner Hates This SUV but Can’t Stop Buying Them

Despite its six-figure price tag, the Lamborghini Urus remains one of the most sought-after SUVs. Since Lamborghini is still a low-volume manufacturer, it is almost impossible to meet the current ultra-high demand. As a result, these SUVs hold their value phenomenally well. In fact, some of these sell for over their MSRP in certain markets.

That’s where Exotic Car Hacks on YouTube comes in. In a recent video, the YouTuber showcases a brand-new Urus, highlighting all of the things he hates about it. Despite these massive flaws, he states that he can’t stop buying them. In fact, the YouTuber has reportedly already purchased four of these SUVs.

What does this owner hate about his Lamborghini Urus?

An image of a Lamborghini Urus outdoors.
Lamborghini Urus | Lamborghini

Despite being a six-figure SUV, the Lamborghini Urus reportedly has a couple of fatal flaws. According to Exotic Car Hacks, the main issue surrounds its aesthetics. The YouTuber reportedly hates the styling, calling it one of the ugliest SUVs ever made. The main complaint surrounds how “over-styled” this SUV is, with plenty of intricate design throughout. Additionally, the YouTuber draws a direct comparison to Audi’s version of the same SUV, the RS Q8.

Aesthetics aside, this Urus owner is upset that the Audi RS Q8 offers the same chassis and powertrain for $100,000 less than the Lamborghini version. Additionally, he argues that the Audi is the better-looking SUV out of the two. As a result of this comparison, the YouTuber reportedly feels that the Lamborghini Urus is unjustifiably expensive.

Why has he bought four of these SUVs?

An image of a Lamborghini Urus outdoors.
Lamborghini Urus | Lamborghini

Despite hating on the Lamborghini Urus, this owner has bought four of them during a 12-month period. As the YouTuber states, it all comes down to supply and demand. While one of these SUVs carries a base price of around $218,000, you can’t simply walk into a dealership and buy one. As a result, highly-optioned versions of this SUV sell for as much as $300,000 in the used market.

Since Lamborghini can’t produce enough SUVs to meet demand, Exotic Car Hacks estimates that this trend will continue into the future. As a result, he reports turning a profit of around 30,000 on each of these SUVs. This means that he probably won’t stop buying them moving into the future, despite hating them quite adamantly.

Another aspect of why Exotic Car Hacks can’t stop buying these SUVs comes down to taxes. Since the Lamborghini Urus weighs over 6,000-lb, you can deduct its “depreciation” on your taxes as well.

How many of these SUVs does Lamborghini sell?

An image of a Lamborghini Urus outdoors.
Lamborghini Urus | Lamborghini

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If you want to know just how popular the six-figure Lamborghini Urus truly is, here are the company’s 2020 sales statistics. Lamborghini delivered 7,430 cars globally in 2020. The Urus SUV made up 4,391 of those deliveries. The second best-selling car is the Huracán, selling 2,193 units in 2020. Lastly, we’ve got 846 Aventadors that found new homes last year. While supercar purists hate this new SUV trend, its profitability is simply undeniable at this point.