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While the standard Toyota Tacoma starts off with the right recipe for success, it’s a little weak. To get the most out of your truck as a daily driver, off-roading mule, or work vehicle then, you’ll want to spend an extra $2,300. Trust us at MotorBiscuit, this 2023 Toyota Tacoma upgrade is necessary. 

Updated on 06/22/2023 for freshness.

Which 2023 Toyota Tacoma engine is best? 

The 2023 Toyota Tacoma has a potent V6 engine
2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The 2023 Toyota Tacoma kicks things off with a standard 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine with 159 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. It has lower SR and SR5 trim levels and is a bit underpowered. 

According to TheCarConnection, the standard engine is a little frustrating because it’s slow. It requires you to plan your maneuvers in advance to provide extra time for passing others and merging into traffic. Plus, it doesn’t have a fuel economy advantage. 

But for $2,300, you can upgrade to the potent 3.5-liter V6 engine with 278 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. This engine is standard with every other trim level. Also, it’s available with the optional six-speed manual transmission. 

The manual transmission is known for being more precise and engaging than the six-speed automatic transmission, which can be clumsy. Plus, manual transmissions put less stress on the engine, allowing them to last longer. It could be the more reliable engine as a result.

With the V6, the 2023 Tacoma can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 6.6 seconds. The standard engine can get to 60 mph in roughly 10.9 seconds. With the V6, the Tacoma can tow up to 6,800 lbs and carry a payload of up to 1,685 lbs. You can tow 3,500 lbs and carry the same payload.

The 2023 Tacoma gets an EPA-estimated 19 mpg in the city and up to 24 mpg on the highway. The 2.7-liter engine gets an EPA-estimated 20 mpg in the city and up to 23 mpg on the highway. 

What 2023 Tacoma trim is best? 

The 2023 Toyota Tacoma SR5 is an excellent option to consider if you don’t need stout off-roading upgrades. It can provide savings and still has modern features, such as an 8.0-inch infotainment screen, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and keyless entry/ignition. 

It rides on 16-inch alloy wheels, has a composite bed with cleats, a power sliding rear window, a power adjustable driver’s seat, dual-zone climate control, a Wi-Fi hotspot, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. 

The 2023 Tacoma TRD Off Road adds capable off-roading equipment without breaking the bank. It has a standard locking rear differential, Bilstein shock absorbers, and an advanced off-road traction control system with terrain settings and rock crawl. 

Plus, it features a wireless phone charging pad, chrome rear bumper, keyless entry, heated mirrors, black textured fender flares, a power-sliding rear window, and a 120-volt outlet in the bed. 

What are the 2024 Toyota Tacoma engines? 

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma off-roading in mud
2024 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has two new engine options. The standard turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine starts the party with 228 hp and 243 lb-ft of torque. It’s available with the SR trim and provides 69 extra horses compared to the outgoing standard engine.

On higher trim levels, this engine provides 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque when paired with the optional six-speed manual transmission. With the new eight-speed automatic transmission, you get 278 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque.

Upgrade to the i-Force Max powertrain for even more power. The Toyota Tacoma Hybrid pairs the turbocharged 2.4-liter engine with an electric motor and a 1.87-kWh battery pack to generate 326 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque.

However, the 2024 Tacoma can only tow up to 6,500 lbs, which is an 800 lb increase. It can carry a payload of up to 1,709 lbs. The Tacoma Hybrid can tow 6,000 lbs.

Official pricing and EPA estimates haven’t been released for the 2024 Tacoma. But if you get a 2023 model, be sure to go with the V6 engine. Also, stay tuned for updates.