Is the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter the Best New Trim?

For some folks, the Toyota Tacoma has created Taco Tuesday, making it the most exciting day of the week. This happens to be when more teasers of the next-generation truck are getting dropped, but one model seems to be under the radar. The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter might be the most significant upgrade. 

What is the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter? 

2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter overlanding trim
Toyota Trailhunter concept | Toyota

Reportedly, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter is a new trim level that could debut with the next-generation Tacoma lineup by the end of the year. It might be a little beefier than the new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with rugged off-roading and camping upgrades. 

Toyota shared a little information about the Toyota Trailhunter truck lineup at SEMA. Toyota Trailhunter trucks are purpose-built overlanding rigs with authentic performance straight from the factory. 

The trail-ready trucks will have components and accessories to promote that off-the-grid experience, such as terrain versatility, protection, load-bearing performance upgrades, and storage solutions for gear, equipment, and base camp necessities. 

Allegedly, spy images of the Tacoma Trailhunter display a snorkel, larger tires, heavy-duty steps, rocker panels, a beefy roof rack, and a modified exhaust system. 

According to Pickup Truck Talk, the snorkel goes down the passenger side of the truck to the front fender and is mounted to the engine bay. It seems similar to how the snorkel is set up on the Ford Bronco Everglades. 

Is the Tacoma Trailhunter better than the TRD Pro? 

It’s difficult to say that the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter will be better than the Tacoma TRD Pro. Both trucks are engineered with different purposes to meet various customer needs. Plus, we’re still waiting for the official lineup and specs to be revealed! 

However, the Tacoma Trailhunter could have a wider track, providing more stability at higher speeds and while climbing over obstacles. It could also help it carry more weight, like a rooftop tent on adventures. 

The front bumper looks like it has been modified to provide more ground clearance and a better approach angle. It could have room for a factory-installed winch, but Toyota would be insane for offering a winch on the Trailhunter and not the TRD Pro. 

Also, the rear bumper looks a bit shorter to improve its departure angle. The tires seem larger, which is helpful for climbing. 

But the TRD Pro could have Fox Racing dampers with internal, bypass remote reservoirs. It might be lighter, faster, and more capable of going beyond the campsite. 

Either way, the Tacoma Hybrid is coming 

2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid teaser
2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid teaser | Toyota

We know that it’s safe to expect the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter to join the lineup with a beefy Toyota Tundra Trailhunter model. Also, we can confirm that the Toyota Tundra Hybrid is on the way. 

The latest Taco Tuesday teaser showed the Toyota Tacoma bumper with an i-FORCE Max badge. So, the Trailhunter could provide fuel savings with the electrified gas power combo. But we still don’t know how much power it has. 

In the Toyota Crown, the i-Force Max cranks out 340 hp, and the Grand Highlander provides 361 hp. It delivers 437 hp in the Tundra, but we don’t expect the Tacoma to go that high due to limited space. 

We could see the new Toyota Tacoma any day now as teasers continue to drop. The Trailhunter could change the game, but will it take the TRD Pro down? Stay tuned for the latest news.