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As we continue to gear up for the official unveiling of the next-generation Ford Mustang, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. Of course, Ford won’t currently make any official statements as to whether these leaks are legit or not. However, while this is all speculative, it’s certainly exciting. Let’s take a look at some of the photo and detail leaks about the next-gen Mustang, known as the S650, for now.

The next-gen Mustang front end looks similar to the current model

2024 Ford Mustang rendering
2024 Ford Mustang rendering | The Sketch Monkey

According to Ford Authority, these leaked images show the front end of a new 2024 Ford Mustang prototype. This isn’t the first set of images to surface of one of these prototypes. However, every other shot shows the car in full camouflage. This time, though, the hood is open a hair, and the camouflage covering is entirely absent on the front fascia.

From this photo, it appears that Ford stuck with the aggressive styling found on the facelift models of the current generation (S550) Mustang. However, the grille size and shape are almost reminiscent of the 2005 (S197) Mustang. Additionally, the long and slim headlight design is a bit of a departure from the current generation as well. Overall, though, it seems like the next-gen Mustang is retaining a lot of the styling cues of the current generation.

Another leaked photo claims to be a brochure for the 2024 Ford Mustang GT. Interestingly, this photo shows a much larger grille design. However, given the similarities of the headlights in both photos, there is some consistency. It’s a bit odd to think different trim levels might have different-sized grilles. To be fair, though, the current GT500 has a much larger grille than the existing base and GT models. So, perhaps it isn’t out of the question.

What engine will the S650 have?

Blue 2022 Ford Mustang GT Fastback Coupe California Special
2022 Ford Mustang GT | Ford

Again, given that all of this information is speculative, we only have the current production Mustang to base theories on.

Currently, the Mustang is available with a 2.3-liter Ecoboost turbocharged four-cylinder engine and the 5.0-liter Coyote V8. Furthermore, the GT500 has a supercharged 5.2-liter V8. Given the success of the Ecoboost and Coyote models, it’s safe to assume they’ll stick around. Ford Authority confirms this as rational thinking, citing that these S650 prototypes have been spotted with various engine noises coming from them. That includes, of course, a rumbling V8.

However, plenty of Mustang fans theorize that an electric version is coming. This doesn’t seem unreasonable, considering the Mustang Mach E sells like hotcakes. Additionally, speculation also suggests that perhaps Ford will employ hybrid technology to increase fuel efficiency while retaining the use of a V8. Many companies, such as Aston Martin and Lamborghini, will use this technique to keep their V12 powerplants.

Additionally, Ford Authority recently shut down rumors floating around that the new Mustang might be all-wheel drive. Never say never, though!

Ultimately, the new Mustang front-end doesn’t look like much of a departure from the current design so much as it does an update. Additionally, from what we can make out based on the camouflage, it doesn’t seem like the Mustang will change much at all visually.

As usual with these types of situations, all we can do is wait and see what details of these leaks come true when Ford officially announces the next-gen Mustang


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