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Lamborghini is putting the new Ferrari Purosangue on notice with an update to the 2022 Urus. The Urus SUV was introduced in 2018 and immediately became a hit for Lambo as the company’s best-selling vehicle of any kind, ever. What’s not to like? It has a monster motor, it looks great, and you can take four friends on a thrill ride with it. Celebrities like Travis Scott and Kanye West often show off their Uruses. But, after five years it’s time to update the Urus because the competition is coming.

What does Lamborghini have to fear from Ferrari?

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV could be the reason the new 2023 Urus is being updated.
The Ferrari Purosangue SUV | Ferrari

The current Urus set a new standard in the performance SUV class when it was launched in 2018. But by all indications, the new Ferrari Purosangue will, too. The Purosangue, or “pure blood” in Italian, will be Ferrari’s first SUV when it hits the streets. Ferrari is reportedly stuffing its big naturally-aspirated V12 into the Purosangue. The Purosangue will seat four or five adults and likely have all-wheel drive.

It will likely be based on the Roma, which is Ferrari’s 2+2 GT car, designed to carry four people at extra-legal speeds in comfort.

Details on the new 2023 Urus are scarce

The spy pictures that are now floating around the internet from Motor Authority show an SUV that doesn’t look much different than the current model. It looks, in some ways, a lot more like the Urus ST-X. The ST-X is a track-only concept SUV designed for racing. That SUV has a gaping mouth on the front and extra winglets in the back. It has a slightly (9 horsepower) more powerful V8.

The current Urus is no slowpoke

A 2021 Lamborghini Urus set the standard for performance SUVs.
A 2021 Lamborghini Urus was stolen out of a Miami driveway | Lamborghini

The Urus has a 4-liter twin-turbo V7 with 641 horsepower. Depending on the test, it can sprint to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. But, one look at the Urus’s corporate cousin, the Audi Q7’s plug-in-hybrid option makes one wonder if that SUV’s 126-horsepower electric motor could be added to the Urus to make it not only more fuel-efficient but 20% more powerful.

The pictures show a slightly-updated rear valence and more openings in the grille, and possibly a more squat-looking rear end and a different front air dam.

The hyper-performance SUV class is heating up

a refined, luxurious, and high-class 2022 rolls-royce cullinan black badge parked next to a pond
2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge | Rolls-Royce

IS the 2023 Audi SQ7 a Bargain Lambo Urus?

The new 2023 Urus is fast, luxurious, and exclusive. Some say that Lambo invented the new hyper-performance class with the Urus, and if it did, that’s great because luxury brands are now embracing the genre.

The Urus is not the only SUV in the $200,000+ club anymore. Aston Martin’s first SUV also brings some action to the class. The Aston Martin DBX707 is quicker, has a bit more power, and comes in at $235,000. The Bentley Bentayga Speed lives up to its name, with a 3.8-second zero-60 time and 626 horsepower. It does cost a very-Bentley pretty penny, however, at $245. Rolls Royce launched the Cullinan SUV which has a giant cabin, a giant V12, and a giant $351,250 price tag.