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The Toyota Corolla Cross and the Mazda CX-30 are competitors in the highly popular subcompact crossover SUV segment. There’s much to like about both vehicles. However, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross has one big advantage over the 2023 CX-30: a hybrid model with high gas mileage.

Unlike the 2023 Mazda CX-30, the 2023 Toyota Corolla offers a hybrid model

Front angle view of white 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid crossover SUV
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid | Toyota

Starting with the iconic Prius over two decades ago, Toyota has long been the automotive industry leader for hybrid vehicles. As demand for efficient cars with alternative energy sources grew, Toyota expanded its hybrid lineup. There are hybrid versions of many of the Japanese automaker’s gas-powered cars, including the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross.

The Corolla Cross, which debuted for the 2022 model year, has been a big success. Now for the 2023 model year, it builds off that success with a new hybrid model, which delivers high fuel economy. With gasoline being a significant cost of vehicle ownership, an efficient crossover SUV like the Corolla Cross can help alleviate this financial burden over the long haul.

However, the 2023 Mazda CX-30 doesn’t offer a hybrid for the American market. All CX-30 models in the United States are fully gas-powered, which are less efficient than the Corolla Cross Hybrid.

2023 Corolla Cross gets higher gas mileage than the 2023 CX-30

Side view of red 2023 Mazda CX-30 crossover SUV
2023 Mazda CX-30 | Mazda

Combining three electric motors with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid gets an estimated gas mileage of up to 37 combined mpg. In comparison, the 2023 Mazda CX-30 has an estimated fuel economy of up to 29 combined mpg. 

Compared to the CX-30, the Corolla Cross gets eight more mpg. That extra mpg results in savings at the pump for crossover SUV drivers. Also, even the fully gas-powered version of the Corolla Cross is more efficient than anything the CX-30 offers, with an estimated gas mileage of up to 32 combined mpg. 

Along with lowering the cost of vehicle ownership, the higher fuel economy of the Corolla Cross provides the benefit of convenience, for it doesn’t have to stop as often at gas stations compared to the CX-30.

Other ways the Toyota Corolla Cross is better than the Mazda CX-30

There are other ways the 2023 Corolla Cross is better than the 2023 CX-30. This includes more storage space. The Corolla Cross has a rear cargo capacity of 26.5 cu-ft and a maximum cargo capacity of 66.8 cu-ft, compared to 20.2/45.2 cu-ft for the CX-30.

Also, the Corolla Cross is a considerably more reliable vehicle. J.D. Power gave it a reliability rating of 82/100, while the CX-30 received a score of 61/100 — due to more issues. Furthermore, the Corolla Cross has a complimentary maintenance plan. It covers factory-scheduled maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles. This includes multi-point inspections, oil changes, topping off the fluids, and tire rotations. However, the CX-30 doesn’t offer a free maintenance program.

With its efficient new hybrid model, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross has a big advantage over the 2023 Mazda CX-30. The hybrid model is something to consider for crossover SUV shoppers, especially those that place a priority on high gas mileage.

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