2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid: Release Date, Price, and Specs

Toyota has officially revealed details about the upcoming 2023 Camry Hybrid. There are only minor differences between the 2022 and 2023 Camry. The new model carries over a coupe-inspired design, an affordable entry-level base model, and decent fuel economy ratings for a midsize hybrid sedan. I know I’m not alone in wishing that this year had launched a new generation, but the 2023 hybrid model is pretty satisfying. 

Read on for Toyota Camry Hybrid release dates, features, prices, and specs.

When will the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid go on sale?

Close up view of the trunk of the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Nightshade Edition, with blacked-out rear badges in a dark blue
2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Nightshade Edition | Toyota

Toyota’s best-selling Camry sedan returns in hybrid form for the 2023 model year. The latest Camry Hybrid will offer five distinct trim levels, including the:

The hybrid Camry car offers a wider selection of trim levels and options than many of its competitors. Most other midsize hybrid sedans limit consumers to one or two options—the Toyota gives you a greater power of choice.

How much does the 2023 Camry Hybrid cost?

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At the time of writing, we don’t yet have a defined pricing scale for the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan. We expect to receive accurate price information within the next few weeks. But, I estimate that the starting price for this model will be very similar to those for the 2022 Camry Hybrid: 

  • Camry LE Hybrid price: $27,980
  • Camry SE Hybrid price: $29,515
  • Camry SE Hybrid Nightshade price: $30,215
  • Camry XLE Hybrid price: $32,870
  • Camry XSE Hybrid price: $33,420

How long will a Toyota Camry Hybrid last? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a truly unreliable Camry, because these midsize hybrid cars tend to last far beyond other sedans. You’re likely to be able to drive the 2023 Camry for a few hundred thousand miles.

2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid powertrain and mpg

The most fuel-efficient Camry comes standard with a Toyota Hybrid System (THS II). This system is composed of the model’s typical four-cylinder engine combined with dual electric motors—a primary MG1 and a secondary MG2 specifically for battery charging. It offers a total system output of 208 horsepower. 

Is the Camry Hybrid AWD? Unfortunately, this hybrid sedan does not come with all-wheel drive capabilities. There were also a few quiet rumors that we may see a Toyota Camry Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) car this year, but so far that is not the case.

The 2023 Camry Hybrid offers an estimated 52 Combined mpg in the base LE model. You should see about 51 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway. Higher trim levels like the SE, XSE, and XLE see slightly lower fuel economy ratings. However, they should still return up to 46 mpg combined.

Interior features in the new 2023 Camry Hybrid sedan

Black cloth interior of the 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid midsize sedan
2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid interior | Toyota

Standard features in the new Camry Hybrid LE sedan include dual-zone automatic climate control, Toyota’s Smart Key System, and Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+—the brand’s suite of safety and driver-assistance features.

On higher Camry Hybrid trim levels, interior features include Toyota’s Audio Plus system with six speakers and a 9.0-inch touchscreen, leather-trimmed heated front seats, and ventilated front seats. These premium features are available only on the range-topping XSE and XLE trims.

The interior also looks great. Per Kelley Blue Book, about the 2022 model: 

“It’s interesting in here. We realize this might be the first time anyone has uttered such a sentence in regard to a Camry, but life is indeed full of surprises. It’s all to do with the swooping asymmetrical design of the center console. Not that it would be distracting, it just makes a nice change from the usual workmanlike approach.”

Colin Ryan, Kelley Blue Book

Top Camry Hybrid rivals are bringing the heat

The 2023 Camry Hybrid’s top competition includes the all-new 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid and the 2022 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Interestingly, some of the Camry Hybrid’s fiercest rivals are other Toyotas. Deciding between the Camry Hybrid, Corolla Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, and the classic Prius can be tricky. But, since they’ve all got that solid Toyota reliability, you should be in good hands.

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