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The rumor mill is churning, and this well-loved Toyota SUV is in the thick of it. What is known about the 2023 Toyota 4Runner so far? The full-size SUV will likely take inspiration from the current Toyota lineup like the Toyota Sequoia and will use the new Toyota New Global Architecture.

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner will take cues from other Toyota vehicles

What we know about the 2023 Toyota 4Runner
The Toyota 4Runner SUV off-roading | Toyota

Toyota has not been immune to the semiconductor chip shortages and other problems that have ravaged the automotive industry lately. The automaker has been working hard on the release of some of its 2022 models in the hopes that 2023 would bring a new round of refreshed vehicles. That’s where the 2023 Toyota 4Runner comes into play.

Edmunds says the 2023 4Runner will likely share a platform with the Toyota Tacoma truck. Thanks to the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA-F), the body-on-frame design works with various full-size SUVs and pickup trucks. The 2023 Toyota Sequoia could also be the inspiration for the new 4Runner.

Toyota has not confirmed plans for a total redesign of the 4Runner, but it is the right time in the vehicle’s life cycle. Plus, technology has come so far in the past few years. Upgrading the 4Runner SUV with a lighter frame like those in the new Tacoma would make sense. Toyota also announced that a hybrid version of each new car, truck, and SUV would be available. That means the 4Runner SUV would likely get that option.

Is the Toyota 4Runner the most reliable SUV?

Looking at the 2022 Toyota 4Runner reliability on Consumer Reports, the predicted reliability score is four out of five. With that said, the Toyota 4Runner is one of the more reliable SUVs on the market. The automaker is known for making vehicles that last a long time and are relatively inexpensive to fix. 

The fifth-generation 4Runner was redesigned last in 2009, and the most recent version barely gets 20 mpg on the highway. The overall fuel economy is 18 mpg overall. Hopefully, a hybrid powertrain will help that fuel economy number go up.

Based on how much the most recent version costs, it is expected to be around $37,000. That would keep the 4Runner in line with the prices of its main rivals. It also goes without saying that a 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is probably in the pipeline. Edmunds suggests that this model could go over $50,000.

The competition is fierce in the midsize and full-size SUV

For now, Toyota is keeping pretty quiet about the newest version of the SUV. The brand has a lot of fans waiting for the latest 4Runner, but the competition in the segment is fierce. If Toyota doesn’t deliver, plenty of SUVs are waiting to take its place. The Kia Telluride, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Mazda CX-9 have plenty to offer and even a lower starting price.

Keep an eye out for more information about the 2023 Toyota 4Runner as this year rolls on. Toyota can’t keep it a secret forever!


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