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There’s a brand new upper trim of the Ram 1500 for the 2023 model year. The Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition package adds a ton of ultra-luxurious features to the Ram 1500–both inside and out. This new Ram package shares technology with the Wagoneer SUV and puts the truck on the same level of luxury. Read on to check out the top-trim Ram 1500. Or click on any of the other articles in our Ram 1500 trim level series in the table of contents below:

The Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition features a top-caliber interior

The jeweled shifting knob of the Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition luxury pickup truck.
2023 Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition shifter | Stellantis

The Elite Edition is technically an equipment group available exclusively on the Ram 1500 Limited trim–according to Stellantis. The interior of this truck features a host of genuine wood, metal, and leather elements. Its defining attribute might be a jeweled rotary shift knob. It also has a special center console badge. Exclusive leather color options include Indigo and Sea Salt.

Other luxury touches of the Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition include its suede headliner, quilted leather seats, and bright metal pedals. It, of course, is optioned with the 19-speaker premium sound system and Ram’s new 12-inch programmable frameless digital dash cluster.

On the outside, a corrugated mesh grille and adaptive LED headlamps give away this Ram’s elite status.

Like the Grand Wagoneer, Ram’s Limited Elite insists on passenger comfort

The Limited Elite Edition is only available as a Ram 1500 Crew Cab. One of its defining characteristics is its focus on passenger comfort. While many pickup trucks are driver-centered, the Limited Elite Edition may be the most passenger-focused around.

The Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition has heated and ventilated seats, both front and rear. Only the center of the rear seat is not ventilated. This is a feature it shares with the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

Also, like the Wagoneer’s third row of seating, the rear seat of the Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition can recline. It has eight different recline settings. This is unprecedented in the segment. This on top of the Ram’s class-leading 45.2 inches of rear seat legroom.

The Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition is still a pickup truck

The frameless 12-inch digital instrument cluster in the dashboard of the Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition luxury pickup truck.
2023 Ram 1500 Limited Elite | Stellantis

The Wagoneer differentiates itself in the full-size SUV segment by being both opulent and capable off-road. With a similar philosophy, the Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition offers class-leading trailering and storage options.

This top-trim truck comes equipped with power running boards and a power bed step. It also has the Rambox locking bed-frame toolboxes and in-bed cargo hooks. The Elite Edition even features the multi-function tailgate that can lift and lower like a regular tailgate or swing open like a refrigerator door. Another Elite Edition feature is a trailer hitch worklight mounted on its tailgage.

The Ram 1500 Limited Elite Edition starts at $65,305. That puts it in the same price bracket as the Wagoneer luxury SUV which starts at $58,995. The distinction of the highest Ram 1500 MSRP still belongs to the $81,055 supercharged TRX.

Find out the one number that explains the confusing Ram 1500 reliability ratings, or see the Limited Elite Edition reviewed in the video below: