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They say delayed gratification makes things taste better, which hopefully means the 2023 Nissan Z will be excellent. We got a hint of the reborn Nissan sports car’s nature at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show, but it only left us wanting more. Unfortunately, U.S. fans will have to keep on waiting, because the 2023 Nissan Z launch just got pushed back.

2023 Nissan Z launch delayed in the U.S.A. because supply chain

The rear 3/4 view of a blue 2023 Nissan Z overlooking a city at sunset
2023 Nissan Z rear 3/4 | Nissan

When it officially debuted the 2023 Z, Nissan said it would launch sometime in spring 2022. And last month, documents from an alleged dealership employee pinned the Z’s release date to June, with press drives in April. But while Nissan hasn’t commented on the alleged information leaks, it has updated the Z timeline. Sadly, the updates aren’t what potential buyers likely want to hear.

A few days ago, Nissan announced Japanese launch delays for the 2023 Z, citing parts supply issues. Now, instead of launching in late June, the sports car arrives there sometime later in the summer. And though its U.S. site still proclaims a ‘spring 2022’ release date, Nissan confirmed to Motor1 that the Z’s release here is delayed, too. So, instead of spring 2022, the 2023 Z should arrive sometime in the summer.

Admittedly, the 2023 Z isn’t the only car affected by supply chain issues. Chevrolet just had to shut down Silverado production because of parts shortages, for example. Supply issues also forced Rivian to delay launching its first vehicle, the R1T. So, as frustrating as this is, Nissan isn’t the only company experiencing these problems.

However, courtesy of Nismo, there is some good Z news on the horizon.

Still no Nismo model news, but Nismo parts are coming soon

Earlier this month, Nissan’s director of advanced product planning and strategy hinted that the 2023 Nissan Z could handle more than its stock 400 hp. Now, the director didn’t officially say the phrase ‘2023 Z Nismo,’ but he did drop some oblique references.

Before you get your hopes up, no, Nismo’s recent announcement isn’t confirming such a car. But good news, future Nissan Z owners, Nismo is making parts for the upcoming sports car. And the first one out the gate is a stainless-steel muffler and exhaust kit.

As of this writing, it’s unknown if the performance exhaust adds any extra horsepower to the 2023 Z’s twin-turbo V6. But it should add “’a light and comfortable exhaust note’” during normal and spirited driving, Motor1 reports. Furthermore, Motor1 says the kit “will likely” make it to the U.S., though probably not before its fall 2022 Japanese launch.

Also, potential buyers should note that the Nismo exhaust lowers the Z’s ground clearance by 0.2”. So, be careful if you’re planning on slamming it with coilovers or lowering springs.

When will Nissan release the 2023 Z’s official price and launch date?

Alongside the launch delay, Nissan announced Japanese pricing for the 2023 Z. The Japanese model has a few extra trims—the Version S and T—but these correspond to the manual and automatic transmissions on the U.S. model, Motor1 explains.

Regardless, at current exchange rates, the base 2023 Z starts at $41,220. This lines up with Nissan’s earlier claims that the 2023 Z would start at roughly $40K in the States. As for the Nismo muffler/exhaust, it costs roughly $2420 at today’s exchange rate.

Admittedly, these still aren’t the official prices for the U.S. Z. But those details will undoubtedly come soon because, per the calendar, summer 2022 starts in June and runs through September. Furthermore, renowned photographer Larry Chen recently posted photos of multiple 2023 Zs on U.S. soil. Presumably, these are for upcoming promotional materials and press reviews.

So, don’t worry, the 2023 Z is still coming. We just have to wait a little bit longer, and remember to savor it when it comes.

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