2023 Mustang: What We Know About Ford’s Last Car

New is starting to leak out about Ford’s next big launch. The Mustang is Ford’s last remaining car. But if you were concerned that it was on the chopping block just because it’s a car you’ll be relieved. Ford plans on keeping the next generation of the original pony car around for eight years when it debuts as the 2023 Mustang

Production will start later in 2022 according to suppliers for Mustang components. The eight year lifespan for the next Mustang is the same as for the current model. Because the Mustang is a lower-volume seller relative to an F150 it helps Ford amortize costs over eight years. Seeing as how it has been the top-selling muscle car this makes sense.

The Mustang could soon be the only muscle car left

It could soon be the only muscle car left. The Camaro looks like it won’t be sold after 2022. And the Challenger is going on 14 years now. What will happen once Fiat Chrysler merges with the French PSA Group is anyone’s guess?

Rumors about a new Challenger are that it will be built on an existing Alfa Romeo platform with a V6. The Mustang will continue to be available with a V8. It will be built on the current Ford Explorer/Lincoln Aviator platform according to Automotive News. That means it will get a bit bigger. Ford projects volumes will hover around 100,000 a year. 

Ford expects to build 77,000 Mustang coupes and about 20,000 Mustang convertibles

The breakdown Ford has given suppliers is that it expects to build 77,000 coupes and about 20,000 convertibles. In 2025 it will be refreshed according to suppliers familiar with Ford’s plans. While US sales of Mustangs fell off by 12% in 2020 that is mostly due to the coronavirus pandemic limiting sales. 

Since it was launched in 2014 the latest Mustang has been the best-selling car in its class. One reason for this is that it has introduced special editions like the Bullitt, Shelby GT500 and Mach 1. Sales have hovered between 70,000 and 150,000 over the years. Last year it saw sales of 72,489 units. 

When Ford stopped all sedan production some thought it might extend to the Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2
2018 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2 | Ford

Ford Accidentally Leaked An All-New Mustang Coming In 2022

As Ford stopped all sedan production some thought it might extend to the Mustang. But it has continued to sell well while sedans saw drops in sales. Even companies like Honda and Toyota have seen sedan sales drop off. SUVs and pickups really are the preferred choice for most buyers. 

There is always a chance that Ford has a midsize sedan waiting in the wings just in case. But it’s probably doubtful since all of that development could potentially be for naught. It has new launches of SUVs and crossovers to spend development effort on. If buyer preferences shift back to cars it won’t be sudden like back in the 1970s when consumers went for more economical offerings due to the gas crunches. 

We’re just glad to see the original Mustang continuing and that Ford sees life in the car and also the name as a separate brand.