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Mini probably isn’t the first automaker that comes to mind when you think of car camping, but don’t write it off just yet. The 2023 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 Untamed Edition is designed to hit the great outdoors, and it looks great doing it. So, how exactly does this tiny crossover manage the task?

Overview of the 2023 Mini Cooper Countryman

The Cooper S Countryman may bear the Mini name, but its larger size sets it apart from other models in the lineup. The fact that there’s a backseat large enough for adults is just one difference. Then there’s the fact that you can actually put luggage in the back, even though you might have to leave some beloved accessories behind.

Mini sort of makes up for this shortcoming with extra storage spaces tucked here and there, especially under the floorboard. But a spare tire takes up most of that space, so don’t count on having much more room, Car and Driver warns.

There are two engine options: a turbocharged three-cylinder and a turbocharged four-cylinder. A hybrid Cooper S Countryman is also available if you choose to spend a little extra. 

Go camping with the 2023 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 Untamed Edition

2023 Mini Cooper Countryman S ALL4 Untamed Edition camping
2023 Mini Cooper Countryman S ALL4 Untamed Edition with camping accessories | BMW Group

Even though it’s called the Untamed Edition, you’ll be limited to one exterior color choice, Momentum Grey metallic. If you’re feeling a little more adventuresome, you can add Piano Black exterior accents. That includes two-tone 18-inch wheels.

There’s more color in the cabin, thanks to blue and green shades that go well with the mountain logo chosen for the Untamed Edition. 

Surprisingly, the 2023 Mini Cooper S ALL4 Untamed Edition can actually handle offroading. It might not be able to cross rivers or climb huge boulders, but for those who just want to get away for a little while, it might be the perfect vehicle for car camping.

The BMW Group boasts that the Untamed Edition can handle all types of weather. Neither mud and rain nor snow and sleet will keep you stuck at home, at least as long as it’s not too bad. It’s always best to go by the recommendation of your local authorities, after all. Even so, it’s nice to be able to go offroading in a vehicle that can also tackle the paved streets with ease. 

What’s really exciting are the camping accessories. One such item is the roof-mounted sleeping space. Some people may enjoy sleeping on the ground or in a tent, but that’s not really car camping. With the roof tent, you can slumber atop your Countryman, just as many people do on their Jeep Wranglers. 

Simply open the black box that you mount on the roof, and gas pressured springs will cause the tent to erect. It even comes with an LED light, mesh pockets for personal items, and an eco-foam mattress. It might not give you the best night’s sleep of your life, but it’s better than a cot. 

Expect new standard features

According to Autoevolution, there are now some much-desired standard features added to the Mini lineup. This comes with a price hike, of course, but that’s to be expected.

One of the biggest new editions is standard Apple CarPlay on every Mini Cooper model. This has become such a common feature in new vehicles, it’s easy to assume all automakers simply include it as standard. Though that’s clearly not always the case, Mini can now proudly proclaim it offers Apple CarPlay as standard equipment in every model.

Something else that’s new on the list of standard features is the Driver Assistance Package. This used to be one of those items you had to upgrade to get, but that’s no longer the case. You can now expect to get Park Assist and a head-up display with any Mini you buy.


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