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Are you ready to commit $90,000 to a luxury SUV? If so, could the 2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring (whew, that’s a mouthful) be worth the price? If you can’t imagine paying this much for a Lincoln, it might be time to give this SUV a chance. The benefits of the Black Label trim combine with the qualities from the Grand Touring trim to give you more of what you want in a luxury SUV.

What’s the difference between the two Black Label Lincoln Aviator luxury SUVs?

Lincoln Aviator Black Label posed with mountain background
Lincoln Aviator Black Label | Lincoln

Lincoln offers the Black Label Grand Touring trim of the 2023 Lincoln Aviator to give you the benefits of the plug-in hybrid powertrain and the Dynamic Handling Package. The Black Label trim doesn’t have the hybrid powertrain but does bring the handling package to the mix.

Is there some exclusivity at the Black Label level?

Green 2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring on a runway near a private jet
2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring | Lincoln

Yes, Black Label members have privileges that other Lincoln Aviator owners don’t receive. The most useful benefit of the Black Label membership is the pickup and delivery of the Aviator luxury SUV for all services.

This membership also includes 70,000 Lincoln Access Rewards points that allow you to enjoy extras, including:

  • Detailing services
  • Extended Premium Maintenance Plan

The Extended Premium Maintenance Plan covers four years/50,000 miles of scheduled service appointments.

Black Label members also enjoy a personal, single point of contact during the buying experience, creating a more enjoyable shopping experience.

What is the hybrid powertrain of the 2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label Grand Touring model?

This luxury SUV is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine plus an electric motor. Combined, these systems give you 494 horsepower and 630 lb-ft of torque. The electric-only driving range is 21 miles. This range isn’t much, but it’s enough for some of your errands to be done using only electricity. The fuel economy rating is 23 mpg combined when only using the gasoline engine.

What does the Dynamic Handling Package of the Lincoln Aviator include?

Silver 2023 Lincoln Aviator Luxury SUV posed
2023 Lincoln Aviator Luxury SUV | Lincoln

The Lincoln Aviator Dynamic Handling Package gives you:

  • Adaptive suspension with road preview
  • Air glide suspension

These two suspension technology items work together to give you the optimum ride height and a smooth ride on every road. Your luxury SUV detects upcoming road irregularities and adjusts to provide you with the desired comfort.

How much does the Black Label Grand Touring trim of the Aviator cost?

The price for this top-tier 2023 Lincoln Aviator luxury SUV is $88,770. This is a hefty price for an SUV, but if you look around in the three-row luxury SUV market, you’ll find many others that cost much more than this model. For example, the BMW X7 reaches $141,300 at its top trim, making the Aviator feel like a bargain.

Is this luxury SUV any good?

Green 2023 Lincoln Aviator Luxury SUV
Green 2023 Lincoln Aviator Luxury SUV | Lincoln

Yes, Lincoln places a premium on comfort rather than sportiness. If you’re searching for the most comfortable and efficient model of the 2023 Lincoln Aviator you can find, the Black Label Grand Touring trim is the right version to drive.

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