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2023 Jeep Wagoneer L Review 

  • 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L: $62,495 – $74,222 
  • Driver’s Choice Award – MotorWeek 
  • Pros: Off-roading capable, spacious, engaging performance 
  • Cons: Weak fuel economy, near-luxury prices, the air suspension is limited to the top trim 
  • MotorBiscuit score: 8.5 out of 10 
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L review
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Someone decided that Jeep models weren’t long enough, so the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L was born. While some critics think it’s a stretch, the extra 7.0 inches added to the wheelbase and 12 inches in length provide an abundance of passenger and cargo space. 

It makes sense that the L stand for long wheelbase, but his Jeep bus is surprisingly agile and easy to maneuver. Plus, it lives up to the Jeep name by having above-average off-roading chops. For example, the optional air suspension raises the ground clearance by 3.6 inches. 

While the 2023 Wagoneer L packs plenty of power for an athletic performance and towing, it’s still pretty thirsty. The high starting price and fuel consumption aren’t the best, but the standard model is loaded with luxury features. It’s a true Ford Expedition Max rival to consider. 

2023 Jeep Wagoneer L: What’s new? 

The Jeep Wagoneer L was introduced in 2023 and is primarily based on the regular Wagoneer model. It rides on the Ram 1500’s chassis but uses an independent suspension instead of the live axle setup. 

Each model is powered by the new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 Hurricane engine with 420 hp and 468 lb-ft of torque. 

You can opt for the new Carbide Edition, which adds gloss-black wheels, black exterior trim pieces, upgraded upholstery, and a unique black interior. 

Which 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L trim is best?

the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L is off-roading ready
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L | Stellantis
  • 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L – $62,495
  • Jeep Wagoneer L Series II – $68.080
  • Jeep Wagoneer L Series III – $74,220

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L base model starts off with a long list of premium features, such as leather upholstery, heated/ventilated front seats, tri-zone automatic climate control, built-in navigation, a 10.1-inch infotainment screen, a pre-wired class IV hitch receiver, and much more. 

It offers plenty of power, space, and comfort for the entire family. But the Series III has a two-speed transfer case with 4×4 low, a 360-degree camera system, and the adaptive air suspension for more off-roading grit. 

How does the 2023 Wagoneer L drive? 

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L from the rear
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L | Stellantis

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L is roughly 19 feet long, so it could be intimidating initially, but the Hurricane engine with 420 hp and 468 lb-ft of torque is hard to resist. The Jeep Wagoneer L can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.7 seconds. 

It has a smooth acceleration with seamless transmission shifts. You get plenty of power for passing others on the highway and merging into traffic. The brakes are confident and predictable for smooth, controlled stops. 

The Wagonner L does have a little heft around curves, but the body lean is controlled for confident and stable cornering. The steering could be a little more responsive. But the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters spice things up with more precision. 

In Auto mode, the brakes are a bit soft. The suspension feels firmer with more confident brakes in Sport mode. Also, the response times are slightly faster. We were surprised by the lack of Comfort and Eco driving modes. 

The Wagoneer L has a 21.1-foot turning radius, making it easy to maneuver than some larger off-roading oriented trucks. It’s easy to steer into tight parking spaces and turn around on the trail. Also, the optional parallel parking assist feature will steer into the parking space for you. 

Can the Jeep Wagoneer L go off-roading? 

Yes, while the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L is long and wide, it still offers top-notch off-roading capabilities. It weighs about 6,335 lbs, which is fine for deep mud/ruts and climbing. But it might be too big to follow smaller Jeep models on narrower wooded trails. 

The 20-inch wheels could be wrapped in a beefy trie to enhance grip, but the Wagoneer L is resistant to sliding. You can feel a connection with the terrain for a sense of control. However, the engine starts to whine during steep climbs. 

With the optional Heavy Duty towing package, the electronic limited-slip differential and upgraded engine cooling provide more confidence for powering over obstacles. Also, the Wagoneer has tow hooks in the front and rear. 

The Qudra-Lift adaptive air suspension raises the ground clearance up to 10 inches, and steel skid plates protect the undercarriage. There are off-roading modes for Snow, Sand/Mud, and Rock. 

While the auto 4×4 system automatically adjusts to changing terrain, each off-road setting automatically adjusts the air suspension, engine performance, and torque distribution to maximize traction on rough terrain. 

You also get Selec-Speed control that acts like a trail cruise control system will hill start assist and hill descent control. It takes the guesswork out of certain situations for relaxing family trips and joy rides. 

Sand/Mud was the most effective mode for the wet, slick, and muddy trails through the woods in Asheville, North Carolina. The Wagoneer L did have a few slips and slides but felt more controlled at slower speeds.  

It was able to go everywhere that we took the Ford Bronco Raptor, just at a slower pace. It can definitely handle rough, uneven terrain to get away from the city and crowded camping sites. 

Does the Jeep Wagoneer L have a good fuel economy? 

No, the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer isn’t very fuel efficient at all. It’s rated to receive an EPA-estimated 17 mpg in the city and up to 24 mpg on the highway. Adding 4×4 may reduce these figures by one or two mpg. 

During our week with the 2023 Wagoneer L, we couldn’t break about 14 mpg while running errands around town and traveling on the highway. Off-roading reduced our fuel economy to about 12 mpg.

Is the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L comfortable? 

2023 Jeep Wagoneer L Carbide Ediiton
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L Carbide Ediiton | Stellantis

Yes, the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L provides premium comfort for the entire family. The seats in each row are spacious and well-padded to keep the whole family or your passengers happy for hours. 

There is enough room for adults to stretch out in each row. Plus, the second row has a wide range of adjustment settings, and the third row can recline. The Wagoneer L has the best-in-class passenger space in the second and third rows. 

The suspension can be a little firm at times, but the Wagoneer L provides a smooth ride over the pavement. Impacts are easily absorbed and quickly dampened to prevent jitters from being sent through the cabin. 

We’re impressed by the robust and effective climate control system that heats and cools the entire cabin without delay. The heated and ventilated seats don’t take long to provide relief, but you need the Grand Wagoneer for built-in massagers.

Wind and road noise is mostly kept at bay but can be noticeable at highway speeds. Engine noise is well-controlled until it becomes strained during climbs. Also, an occasional deep roar can be heard. 

How is the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L interior? 

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L interior is incredibly upscale, with near-luxury features and amenities, including standard leather upholstery and genuine wood trim. There are soft-touch covered areas around the center console, dash, and door sides with attractive accent stitching. 

Some of the trim pieces are a little glossy and can quickly be covered by fingerprints. It could be a little more scratch resistant. The aluminum trim breaks up large sections of black materials, and the optional protective rubberized all-weather mats add a sense of durability. 

The rubber mats stand up to mud and slush. Plus, they’re easy to remove and clean. The rear cargo area has a massive rubber mat, allowing your family to store muddy gear without soaking the plush carpet. 

Visibility out of the front is excellent tanks to the massive windshield, but the rear window feels miles away. The large side mirrors, digital rearview mirror, and 360-degree camera view make up for the difference. 

The rear sunshades, interior ambient lighting, and tri-pane panoramic sunroof make each row of the Wagonner feel modern and inviting in each row. The doors open wide, and the seats slide out of the way for easy access. 

In park mode, the suspension is lowered to 6.3 inches. This provides a lower liftover height in the rear to help make loading cargo easier. Also, the rear hatch opens wide, and the power liftgate is convenient. 

How is the tech in the Jeep Wagoneer L? 

2023 Jeep Wagoneer L tech
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L | Stellantis

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer is loaded with advanced tech that ranges from being extremely helpful to a bit overwhelming. It starts with a standard 10.1-inch infotainment screen, a nine-speaker premium Alpine audio system, built-in navigation, and a wi-fi hotspot. 

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard, and phones are easy to connect. The navigation system never lost connection, even in areas without cellphone coverage. Plus, the weather map loads quickly. 

The center stack is covered with different buttons and controls that are clearly labeled for off-roading. The climate system could benefit from more physical controls instead of touchscreen menus. 

You can add another infotainment screen for the front passenger. It allows them to listen to their own music with a wireless connection. They can also use their screen for navigation and to watch movies. 

The head-up display, digital gauge cluster, and infotainment screen provide crucial driving information and helpful off-roading stats such as your pitch and roll. The menus are intuitive and personal settings are easy to change. 

In the rear, the optional dual-screen entertainment system is loaded with Amazon FireTV connectivity. The screens have an HMDI port with a regular household outlet nearby. Passengers can watch their own TV shows or even hook up a gaming console. 

But it has two remotes to keep up with, and you can’t see the screens from the third row. USB and USB-C ports are found in each row, allowing everyone to keep their devices charged. 

The software has greatly improved since the Wagoneer was first introduced. It no longer freezes or has frustrating bugs to hammer out. It responds quickly and is easy to customize with your preferred apps and stats. Plus, the graphics and camera resolutions are excellent. 

How does the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer do with cargo space and towing? 

2023 Jeep Wagoneer L towing
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L towing | Stellantis

The space in the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L is abundant, with plenty of storage trays and cubbies to take advantage of. There are plenty of places to store your tools or devices, including a deep center console. 

Trays and cubbies for personal items are in each row, but the rear seat pockets are a little shallow. Storage on the side of the doors could be improved too. However, there is no shortage of cup holders. 

You can access up to 42,1 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row with up to 130.9 cubic feet total. The Wagoneer L offers the best in class cargo capacity, and the seats fold flat to create a flat cargo floor. 

If you need even more room, the Jeep Wagoneer L can tow up to 10,000 lbs. It offers the best-in-class towing and can carry a payload of up to 1,465 lbs. The pre-wired trailer hitch receiver, upgraded engine cooling, and integrated trailer brake make the job easier. Plus, the camera views simplify hitching up. 

How safe is the Jeep Wagoneer L? 

2023 Jeep Wagoneer L off-roading
2023 Jeep Wagoneer L | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L hasn’t been reviewed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Insitute of Highway Safety (IIHS). So, it doesn’t have an official safety rating yet. 

Standard safety features include: 

  • Frontal collision mitigation 
  • Blind spot warning 
  • Rear cross-traffic alert 
  • Front/rear parking sensors 
  • Emergency vehicle alert 
  • Rear seat reminder 

How reliable is the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L? 

The 2023 Jeep Wagoneer L is brand new and hasn’t had time to be put through the paces. But it’s predicted to be less reliable than the average new vehicle based on similar models in the lineup, like the regular Wagoneer. 

According to the U.S.News, the 2022 Wagoneer has a predicted reliability rating of 65 out of 100. It has a below-average rating. But now the 2023 model has a new engine and could perform better. 

Also, if the Jeep Wagoneer came out in 2022, then which vehicle is its redacted reliability based on? Consumer Reports has no detailed data available behind the paywall. These models need a little more time for an official reliability ranking. 

MotorBiscuit awards the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer with an official rating of 8.5 out of 10 

The experts at MotorBiscuit have provided the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer with a score of 8.5 out of 10. Overall, this luxurious beast is comfortable, capable, and easy to drive. There’s plenty of space for the entire family and their stuff with genuine off-roading chops. 

However, the Wagoneer L gets expensive in a hurry, despite including a long list of upscale standard features. Perhaps a more basic entry-level trim would make it easier for families to justify. 

Also, the tech is advanced but comes with a learning curve. The plush interior creates a comfortable space, and there’s plenty of power on tap. This SUV has tons of towing muscle. But it comes at the cost of burning through fuel. 

It can go further in the wild than its rivals and is perfect for adventuring, but off-roading upgrades are limited to the top trim. We hope to see how the Wagoneer L compares to the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L soon.